Home & Garden Awards 2021

Home & Garden Awards 2021 BUILD 17 Feb21269 hen you’re looking for something a little different, you need look no further than Fia Interiors. With a mission statement that is defined by creating spaces that are innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and functional, the team at this talented studio ticks all the boxes for interiors that stand apart in every respect. When the team at Fia Interiors opened the studio’s doors in 2017, it was to specialize in residential and commercial design. The team would take on an enormous variety of work, ranging from the furnishing of small spaces to the renovation of large-scale projects. For them, the sky would be the limit so long as they were able to bring their unique sense of design and decorum. In just four years, Fia Interiors has become a name to be remembered in UAE design circles, renowned for the consistency of its quality. Fia Interiors thrives on a brief, meeting every requirement no matter what changes throughout the design process. Every project evolves, moving through concept designing, spatial planning, design development, visualization, full set of technical drawings and producing FF&E documents to assist implementation. At every stage, the Fia Interiors team take care to match the client’s unique personal style and functional requirements. This package can then be realized by the talented teams of contractors with whom the team at Fia Interiors have worked with for years. Every detail is conveyed through precise drawings and rigorous schedule, and the team ensure that they visit the site regularly to guarantee the correct implementation of their designs. No two clients are the same, and so no two projects are either. Versatility is a way of life for the Fia Interiors team, and they adapt gracefully to meet the requirements of the moment. The client, naturally, is at the heart of every decision made and from this comes the team’s natural sense of design elegance and timelessness. Aesthetics and function are vital partners, with neither cancelling the other. Through this way of working, the team have been able to achieve an approach that is an effective synthesis of classic design. There is a growing demand for interior design, with people looking for designers who can enhance the home or working environment to attract new customers and clients. Already, the team are exploring new and exciting ways of reaching new talent who can join the team to support them through this busy time. New ideas add much value to the services that are on offer from Fia Interiors. Exceptional design is not something that is commonplace, but once found it cannot possibly be ignored. The work of Fia Interiors is certainly amongst some of the most highly regarded in the world. We take a look at the team’s astonishing work, following their enviable success in BUILD’s Home and Garden Awards 2021. W In the last few months, the team have secured two major residential projects outside the UAE, in the African region, and 2021 seems set to be full of challenges as the market picks up following the COVID-19 pandemic. Clients are relying on designers like those at Fia Interiors to bring gorgeous design to life, while also creating spaces that reflect the demands of COVID-19 safety. It’s a challenge that will require a bold new approach, but that is an area in which Fia Interiors has always excelled. In short, what is clear from the work that Fia Interiors undertakes is that design is not just about being pretty. It’s about creating a space that has soul and meaning, that can be lived in easily, and can make people happy. For this team, great design is not just about looking incredible, but about curating a space where people can thrive. Company: Fia Interiors Name: Rafia Khan Web Address: www.fiainteriors.design Email: rafi[email protected] Best Luxury Design Practice - UAE