Home & Garden Awards 2021

16 BUILD Home & Garden Awards 2021 Feb21187 fter fifteen years at a high-end firm working on multiple projects simultaneously, James Golden wanted something totally different in his life. While it was immensely rewarding, it was not a way of working which he could sustain. What he wanted was an approach which championed better relationships between all parties, from clients to designers to contractors. What he got was James Phillip Golden Architect. James Phillip Golden Architect is built on the ideals of a relational business. He takes what people want and finds ways of converting them into a form that will work effectively within the surrounding area and as a home. His process is the same with every project, gathering as much information as possible to get a vision of who will be using the house and when. With such care taken at this stage, it’s possible to design spaces that are perfect for everyday living as well as catering for the challenges that life throws up. Often, the biggest challenge revolves around the melding of traditional forms with modern desires. People tend to be impressed by the way in which James brings a sense of scale and liveability to each project. The world of architecture is very fickle, and many feel like their way is the only way to work. For James, collaboration is a key aspect of how he runs his business. Working closely with contractors and clients ensures that everyone is satisfied both with the aesthetic finish and the practical execution of a project. Consensus building is something that James brings to every project, and has brought about many stunning properties. An example of this would be the new summer beach home he has just completed for clients in southern Rhode Island. The neighbourhood guided many of the decisions made, having a distinctly relaxed feel to it. This was reflected in the design of the house, ensuring it was not too formal and yet refined. Collaboration was key here as the client had never built a house before. Managing their expectations was a key part of James’ job as he gently took them through the process of property development. His many years of experience in the field mean that he is often taken on by those who have considerably less. Much of his role is in educating clients in what to expect and what they want and why. For James P. Golden, the art of design was something that was found in the relationships he built with his clients. His firm is one which cherishes that bond, focusing on fewer projects in order to deliver a service that always exceeds expectations. We take a look at his firm to see how his traditionally inspired style fits with something that is almost certainly new. A Fortunately, the business is established to serve clients in this way. The aim has never been to take on many clients at once, but to focus on those who need the help. Designing a home is incredibly intimate and there must be a lot of discussion on how best to bring these spaces to life. Every project is a careful mix of aesthetics, costs and codes that must come together to make the clients’ dreams come true. As the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandmeic, the workload of James P. Golden seems likely to increase. His popularity increases with every project, as his brand becomes more recognizable. Growth will likely take the form of a partnership, so that he can work with those who want to share his approach to the business. Back in those heady days, he lived to work. Now, leader of his own successful enterprise, he works to live. Company: James Phillip Golden Architect Name: James Phillip Golden, AIA Web Address: jamespgolden.com Email: [email protected] Best Traditional Home Architecture Firm - Rhode Island