Home & Garden Awards 2021

Home & Garden Awards 2021 BUILD 15 to create highly specialised products. The team of experts work alongside clients from conception to finished product in order to tailor solutions that are entirely unique, functional, and meet all the usual standards of excellence that are guaranteed in Neonica products. Designed and manufactured in a single site in Poland and shipped all over the world, Neonica has made its processes both time and cost- efficient – another reason that the firm is widely-regarded as a leading manufacturer of its industry. This is an opinion that is set to become even more popular in the months and years ahead, principally owing to the pandemic. The impact of Covid-19 on the markets of the Far East has illuminated the need for diversification of sourcing for companies across the western world, which has proven immensely beneficial for Neonica. Able to fulfil the product and component demands that customers had previously sought from China and Eastern markets, Neonica has entered into profitable partnerships with significant players in the global economy during the pandemic. Abiding by strict hygiene and infection control measures at its premises, Neonica has been able to deliver the consistent global service that its competitors have struggled to maintain over the last challenging year. Although still a relatively small company of only fifty employees that enjoy a sense of community within their working environment and towards its devoted clientele, many of whom have been with Neonica since its inception twenty-six years ago, the Polish firm is proudly ambitious. Its strategy for the coming years is simple yet impactful: to be a referential company of the lighting industry, with plans to triple its turnover in five years based on its projects and strategic expansion into new markets. Driven by its recent recognition as the Best LED Strip Manufacturer of Poland and its growing international reputation, Neonica is undoubtedly able to look ahead to those ambitious goals with optimism. Contact: Mauricio Vargas Company: Neonica Web Address: https://neonica.eu/ Leaders of the LED Revolution Feb21102 aining traction in local and international markets as the leader in LED light manufacturing, Neonica Polska combines decades of industry experience with automated production lines, advanced technology and strict quality standards to create lighting solutions for a clientele that spans sixty-one countries on seven continents. A creative team of specialists as dynamic and agile as they were at the firm’s inception in 1995, Neonica is one of Poland’s leading lights in the manufacturing and distribution sectors. Operating in its state-of-the-art warehouse and workshop in Lodz, in central Poland, Neonica designs and manufactures professional Flexible LED Modules, LED Strips Technology, as well as Professional Industrial Lamps and Lighting Management Systems. Neonica’s products are used in a vast selection of circumstances, from luxury yachts to office buildings, internal and external domestic spaces to industrial facilities, and spaces that require more specialised solutions, such as within the horticulture industries. As a result, Neonica’s portfolio of clients and past projects is rich in diversity, and the firm has supplied lighting solutions to the likes of Poland’s largest banks, project offices across the Middle East, and luxury retailers worldwide. Neonica’s leading position in the global LED industry has been primarily secured by its resources and tools that far outstrip most in Europe. One of the few firms to own professional machines equipped to manufacture a broad selection of LED solutions, Neonica is able to produce LED strips, lamps, tubes, bulbs, modules, lighting for industrial applications and more. Beginning with the careful selection of chips sourced from internationally recognised manufacturers like OSRAM and CREE to the conscientious quality control of the other components, even before production has begun, Neonica is dedicated to ensuring every element of their products meets the firm’s own high standards and the standards of international bodies like RoHS EU Directive. Every stage of production is similarly meticulous to ensure Neonica’s lighting solutions are superior. Moreover, rigorous testing and regular reviews of the production’s compliance and certification enhances the firm’s reputation for exceptional lighting, which promises above all else a life expectancy of all its LED strips that exceeds 100,000 hours. Clients can rely on Neonica for high-performing, energy-efficient light sources that will keep shining brightly for at least a decade. While Neonica’s selection of lighting solutions is vast, its broad clientele and their diverse needs often means Neonica is asked Neonica Polska is the Poland-based designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art LED lighting solutions that serve a vast spectrum of functions across a broad range of industries. We take a closer look at the firm that is growing its international reputation for excellence as it celebrates its most recent success at the Home and Garden Awards 2021. G Best LED Strip Manufacturer – Poland