Home & Garden Awards 2021

BUILD Home & Garden Awards 2021 14 Dorset-based company with a dedication to excellent and a family-run ethos, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes is a landscaping and tree surgery company that started in 2012. Founded by brothers Andy and James, they were inspired by their family’s Irish heritage, leading them to coin the ‘Treefellas’ name for their business. With a combined 28 years of experience between them in the industry of outdoor landscape work, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes handles all external work on a client’s property from footings and drainage to brick and block work to plate, even full landscape renovations. It works for both private and commercial clients across a range of sectors and establishments, and has served developers, contractors, landscape designers, young families, and older couples. No matter who you are, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes prides itself on treating each client with the same level of professionalism and excellent customer service, prioritising client satisfaction above all else in their work. Having expanded its client base through word of mouth referrals and glowing reviews, it now rests at an impressive 9.92 average on Check A Trade, boasting perfect scores across the board in courtesy, tidiness, and workmanship, as well as the accuracy of the quote it gave its clients. With such clear displays of its commitment to consistently high standards both in customer relationships and the work itself, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes is a company with an influence that is only growing. AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes is also a diverse company, with its sister company, AJF Custom Wood, being the destination for timber that it cuts down, drastically reducing waste and creating beautiful commissions of bespoke feature furniture for clients at home and in their work spaces. AJ’s Treefellas & Lanscapes’ latest project was one that presented it with significant challenge, but also significant opportunity; both of which it rose to meet with professionalism and sophistication. The job in question was a large landscaping project, including a wide patio area that spanned 110m2 of land on the property. The project encountered initial roadblocks when it was discovered that the Indian quarried sandstone it had commissioned was off sized. The laying of these slabs had already begun at that point. AJ’s founders – James and Andy - were dissatisfied with how the laying looked after about 10m2 of laid slab. In order to rectify this, the firm informed the client, reached out to its local supplier, and worked hard to find a solution – taking the time and care to reach the correct conclusion to ensure the job was completed to perfection. The project may have been set back a week, but AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes refused to sacrifice quality. Creating professionally designed landscapes and outdoor renovation services in the South West, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes Ltd is committed to being a client-first business. It is this that has allowed it to cement its position as a standout voice in its industry. A Feb21081 In terms of its operational model, as well as the exemplary skills and competencies that allow them to create beautiful outdoor spaces, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes prizes its project management skills. With this element being such a huge make or break element of the landscaping industry, the firm has worked hard to forever improve itself in this way, a prime example being the project described above. Constant improvement has allowed AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes to develop the efficiency to manoeuvre around hiccups. Additionally, when news of COVID-19 first broke out, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes puts the safety of its staff and clients first by ceasing operations and focusing instead on training its staff how to continue safe work when the national climate allowed for it. Having taken such steps to move through such a difficult period, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes can be confident in its future growth and ability to tackle any other issue. Furthermore, it handles landscaping design by way of offering 3D rendered visualisations of the garden, allowing clients to see and comment on the work and make alterations accordingly. This allows them to have a voice in the process, and in this way, cements a better working relationship with the client. Alongside this, their clients also appreciate their vast depth and breadth of industry knowledge, communication skills, attitude towards their clients, and the transparency that they maintain throughout the process. AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes doesn’t pull any wool down over a client’s eyes, striving to keep them informed without being overwhelming, and keeping their interactions jargon free. Despite having a multitude of high-end competitors that it goes toe to toe with, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes stand out amongst the rest with a business that is both all-encompassing and bespoke. Its sister company, AJF Custom Wood, and its own client list are ever growing, and they are dedicated to maintaining its ‘friendly local’ business attitude throughout this, so that future clients can benefit from its excellent service. As a final word, AJ’s Treefellas & Landscapes wishes to thank all clients past and present who have trusted them with their projects and business – and expresses excitement at being able to work with so many more people soon. Company: AJ’s TreeFellas & Landscapes Ltd Contact: James Vigar Website: www.ajstreeandlandscapes.co.uk Best Landscaper & Tree Surgeon - South West England