Home & Garden Awards 2021

BUILD Home & Garden Awards 2021 18 ecodence is an interior design company and creative service, creating luxurious spaces for its clients and their end users. With both hotels and restaurants ranking amongst its top clientele, its aim is to take the stress and drama out of remodelling and redesigning a space, letting its clients take the reins to create space that is truly reflective of the client’s individuality. It works with clients to take their ideas from an initial concept or source of inspiration, through the development and construction process, sticking with them until the end where the client can step back and admire the handiwork. This collaborative model allows Decodence to form long term and highly beneficial relationships with its clients. In this way, it has developed a network of prestigious names in the industries it works for, all of whom love its work. It specialises in the kind of client who perhaps already has an idea, but doesn’t quite know how to implement it. Thus, it has developed an amicable and empathic ideation process with which it approaches its job – an element that has earned it nothing but acclaim. It works hard to ensure that the creation of the client’s dream interior space is a hassle free and even enjoyable process. With its project management skills, and total competence when it comes to its work, a client can be reassured that their venue is in the best hands. Decodence’s work has earned it many prestigious awards and accolades, for its residential remodelling as well as its hospitality revamps. At the UK Property Awards, it was given the title ‘Best Interior Design Apartment in Scotland’, something that has only propelled it into greater success as more titans of its industry took notice. It encourages clients both private and who own businesses to get in touch and see how it could benefit them. This eagerness to create continually better and more appealing spaces has been the catalyst to constant internal growth. Decodence is committed to letting its clients see a return on investment within months of a job being completed, whether it’s increased bookings to a hotel or restaurant, or increased satisfaction of a homeowner. Satisfaction can also come in the form of increased property value, as clients often see an increase in equity following their investment in the work carried out by Decodence. In this way, it must keep abreast of trends and fluctuations in its dynamic industry to know what the most effective design style will be to implement for a certain job. Design, in the eyes of Decodence, is in this way one of the worthiest investments a client can make in the future of their Having been awarded the title of being the ‘Hotel Interior Designers of the Year’ for the North East England, Decodence reflects on the operational model that has taken it as far as it has come, and sets out its path for the future. D Feb21491 business. With an impeccable front of house, one can broadcast visually everything that their business embodies without a staff member having to say a word. In a world where first impressions have always been an important part of the relationship between service and service provider, that moment is pivotal. With this element of its service further securing those all-important client relationships, Decodence has seen significant growth due to glowing testimonials and word of mouth reviews from its customers. Its website includes many of these, lauding it for its efficacy, competence, and delivery of such high standards. Furthermore, many of them state how just once working with Decodence isn’t enough, and how they will certainly be availing themselves of its services again. Its stunning portfolio includes private residences and hospitality clients up and down the UK, including major international hotel chains that now trust its work. Internally, its skilled group of design experts work hard to create ideas and blueprints that reflect the message a client wishes to send. Consequently, it takes great pride in its staff; all of whom are highly trained, creative, and effective problem solvers, working through the mediums of concept illustrations and realistic 3D rendering technology. It is also happy to work with the client’s preferred tradespeople. Being inspired by a client’s new idea or big project fuels Decodence’s passion in its work. In this way, it is excited to see what fresh new ideas it can collaborate with its clients on next, whether they are a fresh face or a return customer. Company: Decodence Contact: Elina James Website: https://www.decodencedesign.co.uk/ Hotel Interior Designers of the Year – North East England