Environmental Sustainability Awards 2023

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 12 Best Sustainable Business Card Solutions Provider 2023 - UK Tapzo is a London based company that specialises in the creation of smart business cards and their corresponding networking management platform. NFC, which stands for near-field communication, is a groundbreaking technology allowing business contact details to be shared with clients in a snap. Formed at the tail end of 2022, Tapzo has a paramount focus on environmental sustainability, with a company intention to mitigate the impact of conventional business card waste. The company reports a mindboggling number of business cards find themselves into landfill. Some 8 billion per year, with a significant portion unable to be recycled due to the presence of laminate materials. Tapzo is dedicated to solving the business card sustainability dilemma. The product it has created offers a more environmentally friendly way to share details, which aligns with the company’s key mission to offer an alternative that reduces waste. In addition to the Tapzo card’s sustainability objectives, the company also commits to planting a tree for every user. The welcome effect of this is that customers who switch to using Tapzo cards are not only reducing unnecessary waste, but contributing to reforestation, water conservation and reduced energy use. Over the lifespan of a single tree, it is able to absorb 1,000 kilograms of CO2, which makes it an essential and constructive manner in which to respond to many of the underlying issues posed by the print industry. NFC smart business cards are durable, reusable, and sustainable. Details can be updated easily, thus negating the need for reprints. A one-time purchase will last a lifetime, unlike traditional business cards. Tapzo estimates that individuals using standard business cards actually, on average, consume 20,000 cards in their life. Quite aside from the landfill issues this causes, the paper production in itself is shocking. It requires an entire adult tree and 2,574 litres of water to produce the required paper for all those business cards. In terms of customers, Tapzo pinpoints the example of a large tech company it has recently worked with. They sought an innovative and eco-conscious way to share their contact information with third parties at a major industry event they were attending. The Tapzo product fit the bill perfectly, helping the client with a convenient and futuristic networking solution, as well as reducing the waste traditional business cards would have generated. Overall, Tapzo not only achieved an immediate cost reduction of 25% compared to traditional cards but also eliminated the necessity for future card printing. This not only represents significant upfront savings but also results in additional lifelong savings surpassing the initial 25%. With its smart, sustainable business cards, Tapzo also offers a convenient way to track how many people have saved company details in their phonebook. Furthermore, Tapzo goes beyond contact details, allowing users to include custom link buttons alongside traditional information, opening the door to reducing the need for additional printed materials. For example, users can attach marketing brochures to a 'download NFC Business cards are the smart, modern way to share your company details with potential clients. A simple tap seamlessly transfers information from card to phone in a similar way to contactless payments. Using an NFC card is a sustainable way to share contact details, and help reduce the environmental damage caused by the mountains of disposable business cards that end up in landfill every year. our brochure' button on their Tapzo profile, thus also eliminating the requirement to carry brochures. Tapzo is dedicated to advancing its mission by enhancing its products, fostering partnerships with environmentally conscious organisations, and promoting awareness of its NFC smart business cards. Most people don’t even know that the state-ofthe-art product Tapzo offers even exists, let alone the extent of the help it can provide them. Aside from the ecological benefits and cost savings a Tapzo card offers, it undoubtedly helps to create a stunning first impression too. Being able to share details by tapping a potential client’s smartphone is a real conversation starter, and it works equally as well on both iPhone and Android with no apps required. Just tap. The smart card itself that Tapzo provides to customers can be customized with a company’s own design, or printed as a standard option with Tapzo artwork. Both cards function in the same manner, and will last forever. Tapzo has been recognised as the Best Sustainable Business Card Solutions Provider 2023 – UK, in the Environmental Sustainability Awards. Congratulations to the ecologically sound company who has effected to create an outstanding kind of business card that has been completely re-imagined for a better future. Contact Details Company: Tapzo Web Address: https://tapzo.io Contact Name: Deivid Colkevicius Tapzo Oct23595