Environmental Sustainability Awards 2023

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BUILD Enviromental Sustainability Awards 2023 Welcome to the Environmental Sustainability Awards 2023 Organized by BUILD and rebranding for its sixth consecutive year! Born out of the Recycling and Waste Management Awards, this new, yet prestigious awards programme celebrates the outstanding achievements and innovations of businesses operating within the environmental sustainability industry. By shining a spotlight on the industry’s trailblazers, these awards aim to inspire and motivate businesses to strive for excellence in sustainable practices. Whether you are an environmental organization, a renewable energy company, or a business simply involved in eco-friendly solutions, these awards are designed to recognize your outstanding contributions! In 2023, the field of environmental sustainability is witnessing exciting developments. With increasing awareness of climate change and the urgent need to protect our planet, businesses are embracing sustainable practices to minimize their environmental impact. From adopting renewable energy sources to implementing ‘circular economy’ principles, the industry is driving innovation and shaping a more sustainable future. BUILD is proud to organize these awards because we understand the critical importance of environmental sustainability practices. As a brand committed to promoting excellence in various industries, we believe in recognizing and honouring businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment through their sustainable initiatives. By running these awards, we aim to encourage further advancements and collaborations within the industry, fostering a sustainable future for generations to come. Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Website: www.build-review.com Sofi Parry- Senior Editor Rebecca Scotland- Editor Josh Beardsmore - Writer Matt Wright- Writer Izzy Mifsud- Writer Emily Godbold- Writer Michelle Strozykowski- Writer Lauren Baldwin- Graphic Designer Ali Mohammed- Junior Designer Creative Team

Contents 4. B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd: Best Solar Energy Installations Company 2023 - Essex 6. Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited: Best Full-Service Waste Management Services Company 2023 - West Midlands 8. Michael Connell Artist: Best Recycled Material Artwork 2023 - London 9. True Elements INC: Best AI-Enhanced Water Monitoring & Analytics Company 2023 - USA 10. MiReHu Nonprofit Kft.: Waste Management Company of the Year 2023 – Hungary 11. elerGreen: Best Global CleanTech Start-Up 2023 & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2023 12. Tapzo: Best Sustainable Business Card Solutions Provider 2023 - UK 13. Lanman Solar: Solar Panel Installation Specialists - East Anglia 14. UBS Solar: Best Solar Power Solutions Company 2023 - East of England

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 What is the best way to both help the environment, and personally benefit from lower energy bills? Install solar panels! This is widely accepted as the single most positive impact an individual can make, and truly translates into a life affirming difference that benefits your pocket and the whole world. B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd has more than 20 years of experience in delivering engineering and electrical installations, meaning that when it comes to fitting solar panels at domestic properties its services are premium level. The company offers supreme quality control throughout its undertakings, always at a fair, competitive price. This makes it straightforward and trouble-free to discover the ideal system for your household. B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd is accredited by industry respected companies such as NAPIT, MCS, Trustmark Government Endorsed Quality, and HIES, which all offer consumer protection when it comes to the installation of home energy products. Best Solar Energy Installations Company 2023 - Essex B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd is a Stansted based company that provides its customers with the means to benefit from reliable and renewable energy using the sun as its source. The business uses the most innovative technology available on the market today, and prides itself on providing customer services of the utmost quality. It works alongside its sister company, B3 Scaffolding, which means that it can provide all the services necessary to get your solar panels installed in-house, and doesn’t have to rely on subcontractors to complete the job. “B Solar Energy Installations, we make it easy for you to find the perfect system to manage your energy better and reduce your bills.” As a provider of renewable energy, B Solar is always eager to utilise the most cutting-edge technology available within the sector. It is an experienced supplier who has been providing expert energy advice and solutions within the UK for many years. It is based in Essex, and is one of the leading providers throughout the south east of the country, covering locations such as Bedford, Chelmsford, Hertfordshire, Stevenage, Waltham Abbey, Welwyn Garden City, and many more. One of the things that can confuse and even put off many customers is just how the devil are solar panels going to work in the changeable Nov23067

5 weather we are treated to in the UK. B-Solar assures customers that although it is true, the stronger the sunshine, the more electricity the panels can generate, the cells on the panels categorically do not need direct sunshine to work, and can even generate power successfully on cloudy days. The way it works is a solar panel consists of numerous cells all made from layers of semi-conducting material such as silicon. When light shines on this material it creates a flow of electricity. To overcome the problem of requiring electricity even when its dark outside, customers can adopt a hybrid solution, purchasing power directly from the National Grid. Alternatively, the problem can be avoided by buying and using battery storage. This means that when a customers solar panels generate more electricity than they need to use, it can be stored for later use as and when it’s required. The solar panels charge up the batteries when customers don’t require the energy being produced straight away. This means, when it gets dark at night time, the system will automatically draw on the stored energy. Implementing solar panels with a battery storage system means that there will be times when your residence is generating power completely independently, and no longer relying on the National Grid at all. Another use for solar power that is becoming increasingly popular in the current day and age is EV charging. B-Solar Energy believes that solar panels and electric vehicles are a match made in heaven. When you install a solar energy system it can be easily used to power your home, and charge your electric vehicle too. There is also a government backed initiative known as the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) worthy of consideration. The SEG means that some domestic customers can sell their solar generated energy back to the National Grid. “Our installations are carried out by experienced professionals, and we pride ourselves on providing a highquality service at an affordable price. Contact us today to learn more about how B Solar Energy can help you save money and reduce your carbon footprint.” Anyone thinking of making the leap to solar is well catered for at B-Solar Energy Installations. The company offers free consultations up front, to make sure it fully understands its customers’ needs. It also takes the opportunity to assess their properties and make certain it is planning to install the solar panel system that is right for them. Afterwards, it will provide a detailed quote specifically tailored to each individual’s requirements. The team at B-Solar are committed to making the most of the sun’s unlimited energy, and helping to pave the way to a cleaner, greener future for everyone. The company services commercial solar power installations as well as residential, helping businesses to improve their sustainability targets with energy from the sun. In a nutshell, B-Solar’s mission is to make the journey to solar energy as effective and budget friendly as possible for home-owners and businesses alike. The obvious benefits of relying on the sun rather than the National Grid are the green credentials of using solar energy which is free from pollutants and carbon dioxide. Making the switch to solar is greener, cheaper, and helps to unite like-minded members of the community. Relying on B-Solar for panel installations also provides warranty protection and very little in the way of maintenance. In fact, its products can be relied on for years of trouble-free service. Many happy customers can attest to the fact that B-Solar Energy Installations has provided a superlative service. For example, Christopher Stone comments, “If you need Solar Panels and/or Batteries then B-Solar Energy are the company to go to, as they provide excellent Customer Service, Communication and a firstclass finish from quotation to installation to completion.” Likewise, Gary Fenton comments, “I'm really pleased with my solar panel and battery installation. Mike listened to what I wanted and installed the perfect system with bird proofing. (You really must get bird proofing to avoid future problems with nesting.) The installation team were very polite and accommodating.” B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd has recently been recognised as the Best Solar Energy Installations Company 2023 – Essex, in the Environmental Sustainability Awards. This is a brilliant tribute to a company that is having such a positive impact on the environment, and on its customers’ wallets too. Well done to B-Solar. Contact Details Company: B-Solar Energy Installations Ltd Web Address: bsolarenergy.co.uk Contact Name: Mike Brunsdon

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 Oct23195 Best Full-Service Waste Management Services Company 2023 - West Midlands Sustainability is more than just a buzz word for Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited, it is a way of life. The company offers a full waste management programme that is tailored to satisfy its clients’ needs, with a distinct aim to help them maximise their recycling rates and reach a landfill figure of zero. The business provides fully trained waste management specialist staff, and offers state of the art machinery including specially designed bespoke industrial equipment built to cater for specific client recycling needs. Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited

7 Allwood Recycling Solutions is a company dedicated to providing an efficient, effective, and economical commercial waste and recycling service across the whole nation. It was conceived by its founder with a passion to “do the right thing” and an overall belief that there was a better way to deal with material waste and its by-products, to instigate as much recycling as possible, without exceptions, and to educate companies on how to always do the right thing. It decided from the very get-go to advise and help organisations to include recycling within their fundamental planning and processes. Many of the companies that Allwood Recycling Solutions work with are well-known brand names. Because the company has been working with them in partnership for many years, it has been a powerful guiding influence when it comes to developing business plans that help support positive environmental goals. It has also been integral in supporting clients to reach for, and achieve, impressive targets such as zero-tolandfill. In addition, it is able to highlight, and thus draw attention to, certain aspects of client businesses where they may have become accustomed to seeing waste costs accumulate. Allwood Recycling Solutions’ previous experience of dealing with all waste streams, combined with its stringent determination to recycle as much as it possibly can, has resulted in reported improvements from many clients, and an enhanced recycling rate across all streams. This is a monumental upswing, and is making a huge difference in helping clients to achieve their Corporate Sustainability Goals. Allwood Recycling Services is proud to be making such a terrific difference, working diligently in the background to ensure processes are integrated seamlessly into clients’ operations. “Since 2010 the company has been developing and enhancing both its network of waste recycling and management partners and its base of customers. Now, with a substantial representation of both, Allwood is able to ensure that its network’s appetite for waste materials and its customers appetite for rebate values on those materials are met.” When it comes to overcoming challenges, a recent case in point concerns a well-known parcel company. This client was looking to develop a circular process for its packaging, as previously its own bags were disposed of in general waste with a disposal cost applied. To help improve this process, the first thing Allwood Recycling Solutions did was begin recycling the waste packaging. Then, in conjunction with the client company’s own sustainability targets, it developed a solution whereby the packaging was processed and returned to the client for ongoing use. Ultimately, the recycled packaging was returned to be made back into new packaging, thus achieving the circular economy the client desired. Allwood Recycling Solutions invests a lot of time into learning about its clientele, and their business processes, as it never wants to have to settle a request by just taking away the waste. It might sound somewhat counter intuitive for a company such as Allwood Recycling Solutions to concentrate so much on avoiding waste disposal, but it is gratifying to know that it is working so hard to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. It invests a lot of time into learning about clients and their business processes, and hopes to avoid ever having to resolve a problem by adding to landfill. It does up front investigative work, ensuring that it can search out the best solutions both for clients and the environment. It knows that many other companies would charge a consultancy fee for this kind of thing, but Allwood Recycling Solutions doesn’t take that route. It categorically wants to take the right path, and recycle as much as possible for its clients and for the environment. Often clients are dumbfounded by this, thinking it’s too good to be true, and are left asking “what’s the catch?” But there is no catch, no rug to be pulled, it is quite simply Allwood Recycling Solutions wanting to do a thorough and respectable job. The company is committed to investing time to find an ideal solution. This frequently means it goes over and above what the client originally requested, which it feels fully justified in doing. After all, it is the specialist in the field, and often knows what they need better than they do themselves! “Allwood Recycling Solutions is individual in its approach to offer the personal expertise and tailored service required by clients.” In the recycling and waste management industry, and beyond, most commercial organisations are currently facing the challenge of trying to achieve net-zero. Some industries have set a target to reach this in as little as 5 years, whereas some have settled on a 20-year goal. Some haven’t even taken a single step along this important pathway yet. It is Allwood’s intention to help organisations with their sustainability targets as much as possible, by recycling everything, not just the easy stuff. It thinks the journey begins by looking at the way organisations’ raw materials are being produced, and notes that if the process already begins with recycled materials then they’re already halfway there. The goal to reach a fully sustainable world is something that is embraced by Allwood, with its entire culture devoted to the ambition. It wants its staff to feel like they’ve made a difference every day, and strives for top quality customer services across the board. From the top to the bottom of the company, Allwood fosters a culture that seeks to find a recycling solution for everything. It uses the word Earth as a handy acronym to remind everyone what values the company stands for. That is excellence, accountability, responsibility, teamwork, and honesty. Allwood became a part of the Binderholz Group in 2022, the largest sawmill and solid wood processing corporation in Europe. It has sites located all across the UK and Europe, and Allwood Recycling Solutions is proud to be a key partner in a such a respected global organisation. Allwood Recycling holds certifications; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO 45001. It also holds Safecontractor status, and is recognised as a CIWM Affiliated organisation. These are all accreditations that demonstrate Allwood’s commitment to Quality, the Environment and Workplace Safety in everything it does. Furthermore, Allwood Recycling Solutions is dedicated to continually expanding its range of waste management services, as well as investing in technology to maximize the amount of waste that can be recycled. The company is proud to provide personalised and reliable waste management solutions that meet clients’ needs, and minimize the impact of waste on the environment. As such, it is now the worthy winner of Best Full-Service Waste Management Services Company 2023 - West Midlands. Congratulations to this outstanding waste management company, that truly does so much more than a first glance might imply. Contact Details Company: Allwood Recycling Solutions Limited Web Address: www.allwoodrecycling.co.uk Contact Name: Melanie Wheeler

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 8 Best Recycled Material Artwork 2023 - London Michael Connell is a person who has embraced art and creativity all his life. He studied art at Waltham Forest College, continuing on to undertake a course in Spatial Design at the Kent Institute of Art and Design. Since then, he has spent over thirty years working in the construction industry, a trade which has given him the opportunity to indulge his passion for collecting a plethora of left over materials to use in his art. One of his favourite places to obtain materials for his projects is in the on-site skips, from where he salvages many a useful object. Michael is particularly proud to use sustainable and recycled materials in his art. This might include wood, sash-cords, pipe cladding, polystyrene, broken glass, or any number of other discarded remnants he can find to help bring his visions to life. He is currently hard at work, concentrating on building up a body of work large enough to exhibit. This is hardly a new experience for Michael though, as he has exhibited much of his work in galleries already, stretching all the way back to 2005. At home, his shed Povera is an extension of his art, and indeed an extension of Michael himself. He is often to be found deep in solace in his shed, in the evenings. Povera was named in honour of the avant-garde art movement that emerged in south Europe during the late 1960s. The name translates as impoverished art, and recognises the fact that they, like Michael, used repurposed industrial materials as an integral part of their design aesthetic. Michael’s art is very contemporary in nature, and encompasses abstract forms in his own unique style. There is no limit to the scale of his art, which with Povera turns his whole garden into a canvas ready to be experienced. The fusion of art and nature is a strong theme in his work, with Michael taking inspiration from the world he sees around him. He describes Povera as “art within art”, using waste materials to create something new and unique. Michael has become a well-known figure in the community, through his art, although he feels that oftentimes the platforms for local artists just aren’t there. He would love this to change, as he knows the positive impact art can have on a community. Sadly, this is usually overlooked, especially when it comes to artists of colour, who particularly seem to lack the funding, guidance, and support required to spur them on to success. There is no consistent support for the wealth of talent that exists in the more urban areas of the capital, it seems, with the only prominent platforms happening far away from the local community. Michael Connell is an artist who makes good use of found objects to create imaginative and creative works of art. He might be familiar to avid viewers of George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces, Shed of the Year, having featured in the programme finals in 2016 with his shed Povera. He is also a regular on the local Catford Arts Trail, having participated for the previous six years, enabling people to visit and experience Povera for themselves. “I am just a physical instrument bringing out what Nature, Spirit and the Universe transcends to me.” Of course, as a committed environmental artist, Michael would also like to use his platform to positively highlight using recycled materials to create art. He looks at his art as an amplified version of himself that brings his passions to the fore. Micheal is an artist that is currently in remission from cancer, but with Povera he generously allows people to experience his art from the inside out. He is a treasure, who’s spent over forty years collecting choice waste materials to create art that eclipses categorisation. Michael Connell has been recognised as the creator of the Best Recycled Material Artwork 2023 – London, in the Environmental Sustainability Awards. A huge well done to him, we look forward to many future exhibitions and can’t wait to see what he creates next. Company: Michael Connell Artist Web Address: michaelsart.co.uk Contact Name: Michael Connell Instagram: michael_bajan Nov23395

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 9 to provide a foundation for a well-informed water strategy, True Element’s Water Intelligence platform is built for adaptation and customization to customer specific needs. “Our extensible platform provides a reliable foundation for developing a thoughtful, successful climate adaptation strategy.” says Kim Patrick Kobza, True Elements CEO. “As the need for a variety of climate adaptation solutions increases, our ability to customize existing Water Intelligence capabilities to fit customer specific needs is critical in preparing companies for a challenging water future.” Plan Now for a Water Resilient Future Water Intelligence delivers clear insights into future water quality and quantity conditions, climate precipitation forecasts to identify sites at greatest risk, riverine stress forecasts to understand how riverine systems may change, outlook for groundwater recharge, and future balance between water availability versus demand. Importantly, user defined scenario analyses help builders understand potential future water impacts to inform contingency and resiliency mitigation planning. “In the US, in 2023, 25 weather events caused more than $1B in damage with 96% of those weather events being water related.” says Dr. Chuck Louisell, Chief Artificial Intelligence and Science Officer at True Elements. “The ability to create various weather scenarios and understand implications of each through True Elements’ forecasting capabilities provides clarity in mid- and long-term policy formation, aids prioritization and design decisions, and helps A&E, construction, and real estate firms as they consider the range of appropriate actions necessary to minimize future risk to assets.” The key to a sustainable business and economic future is better understanding and management of water risk and impacts. Water Intelligence provides the building sector with a foundation for that future. True Elements is the global leader in Water Intelligence, providing a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology, scientific and AI capabilities that transforms complex water data into clear, reliable analyses, forecasts, and visualizations. This Intelligence clarifies water complexity and helps leaders better understand water risk and opportunity so they can build a sustainable, water-resilient future for their organizations. Best AI-Enhanced Water Monitoring & Analytics Company 2023 - USA Contact: Meg Maffitt Company: True Elements Inc. Web Address: trueelements.com True Elements’ extensible Water Intelligence platform supports workflow at scale, quickly and easily delivering insights through existing capabilities or creating customized Water Intelligence that delivers unique insights for specific water challenges. Water Intelligence Gives Builders A Path Toward a Sustainable Future Average global temperatures are expected to rise significantly under all but the most aggressive greenhouse gas emission mitigation scenarios. As a result, the global hydrologic cycle is changing significantly. Storms, drought, flooding, and the resulting destructive impacts routinely make headline news. Ninety percent of climate impacts are experienced through water related events and these events are increasing in frequency and intensity. As the global hydrologic cycle continues to change, water stress will be the biggest climate related risk to fixed location assets. No business sector will be immune. Storms, flooding, and drought will significantly impact land and physical asset viability, longevity, and value. How can the building industry prepare for this new climate reality? To minimize risk and ensure a resilient business future, the building industry must think and act differently now. Understanding that the vast majority of climate risk is water risk and shifting from reliance on historical water data for decision making toward new, advanced data analytics and forecasting capabilities will help the building industry minimize risk and identify untapped opportunities that create competitive advantage. Understanding current and future water risk to assets and operations and planning accordingly will help leaders create a path toward a viable economic future. Water Intelligence is Essential Water Intelligence combines state-of-the-art technology, scientific principles of practice and AI capabilities to translate water’s complex, multi-dimensional interrelationships into precise analyses and forecasts via easily understandable visualizations, scores, and maps. Translating water complexity into clear, easy to communicate insights helps building industry leaders accurately assess their current and future water risk and make informed decisions to ensure operational and financial longevity. By harnessing the power of global, national, regional, and local data and transforming that data into clear decision grade insights, True Elements has become the global leader in Water Intelligence. As decision making becomes more challenging due to water risk and impacts, advanced, reliable data aggregation, normalization, analysis, and forecasting are becoming more important. Research shows that every dollar invested in data systems and analytics yields an average of $32 in economic benefits. Navigate your Water Journey Successfully Some companies are advanced in their climate and water journey. Many are just beginning. All have unique needs. For companies advanced in their climate and water strategy, True Elements’ Water Intelligence products offer fast, clear insights that save time and resources and support workflow at scale. For companies with complex needs or who need a dedicated partner A New Climate Reality

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 10 MiReHu Nonprofit is proud to be known as an outstanding part of the waste management of East Hungary, located in Miskolc. The city is home to the company’s head office, and is at the very forefront of waste management. A decree governing the cleanliness of the city was issued as early as 1876, and organised collection and disposal of household waste was carried out according to the orders of the first mayor of Miskolc, Károly Farkas. Over the intervening years, Miskolc’s public service waste management has been developed and brought up to date in the most cutting edge of ways, with many awareness-raising programmes implemented. Shaping the attitudes of the public, and providing insights into waste management for both young and old, is something that MiReHu believes in wholeheartedly. It has realised a country wide programme that informs and educates people about collecting each type of waste in the right manner, and advises on reducing overall waste production. MiReHu places a strong emphasis on sustainability, and what people can themselves do to help the planet, the company is introducing an enlightened way of living more eco-conscious lives. MiReHu ensures that it provides private and public customers with excellent waste management services from collection to transportation and treatment of non-hazardous waste. Providing distribution, replacement, and waste bin washing services, as well as pot rental and transport of inert waste, MiReHu is part of the best of the best in its industry in Hungary. Since 2021, there have certain positive actions that always take place every year at MiReHu. It is delighted to be able to organise special summer projects for children to get involved in, known as the Maku-cation. This enables the younger generation to learn about the waste lifecycle through having fun and playing games. Special invited guests help the company adopt a conscious mindset that helps it to collaborate effectively with the 300+ children in attendance. MiReHu is also pleased to always be able to contribute to the European Week for Waste Reduction. The company’s overarching target is to achieve a world where everyone has a sustainable and environmentally friendly mindset when it comes to waste. This is what will lead to a better and healthier future for all. MiReHu is resolved to help educate people of all ages about waste management, which it does through its initiatives, services, and awareness-raising opportunities. The way that MiReHu works to shape public attitudes makes it a leading example within its industry. It has been the recipient of many awards, and receives an abundance of positive feedback, which reassures the company that it is definitely on the right track. To further underline its expertise in waste management, it is often contacted by other service providers eager to learn more about best practice, and implement their own attitude shaping programmes within their service areas. Sustainability within the wider waste industry has been subject to new rules and regulations as of July 1st, 2023. MiReHu Non-profit Ltd. participates in the new system as a concessionaire subcontractor of MOHU Zrt. It has adopted to the changes seamlessly, while continuing with activities that rely on its own experience and outstanding professional skills. The team that work at MiReHu consists of many dedicated individuals who possess creative mindsets. This means that there’s a level of trust and professionalism amongst the staff that aids the company in reaching its goals, and providing a high-quality service to all. As the future beckons, MiReHu is determined to continue improving the channels it uses to educate people. This year an R-park has been created, which is a circular shaped, just like the recycling logo used on packaging. MiReHu calls it MakuLand, and it focuses on all the important Rs, such as reuse, repurpose, recycle, and perhaps most importantly of all, responsibility. It hopes the park will gain much visibility, and help support MiReHu on its journey toward a more sustainable world. The company has now been named as Waste Management Company of the Year 2023 – Hungary, in the Environmental Sustainability Awards. Congratulations to the business, and best of luck with its admirable green credentials. Contact Details Contact Name: Roland Ladányi Company: MiReHu Nonprofit Kft. Web Address: www.mirehu.hu MiReHu Nonprofit Ltd. is a Hungarian company that is owned by multiple municipalities in the Northeast of the country. It was founded in 2013 with the allembracing aim to provide a topclass waste management service to the public, inclusive of doorstep collections and waste treatment services. It provides facilities for its public customers to recycle their packaging, glass, and green waste separately, and works tirelessly to raise awareness of the important goals of waste management, particularly prevention and reuse. Waste Management Company of the Year 2023 – Hungary Oct23682

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 11 Best Global CleanTech Start-Up 2023 & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2023 Cleantech business elerGreen Industry is committed to salvaging valuable products from waste and renewable electricity in a way that is economic and eco-friendly. Since its establishment in October 2018, the business has rapidly developed into a successful operating company boasting stellar facilities and intellectual properties. A key industry differentiator, the company has invented a unique electrochemical reactor which moves an electrode against stationary blades in order to continuously harvest solid products from green electrochemistry. Through this revolutionary means, pollutants inclusive of CO2, tailings, and petrochemical waste are converted into valuable materials, polymers, and feedstocks. We speak with founder Hui Huang Hoe, who provides further insight into the operation and the company’s dedication to the environment. Revolutionary cleantech start-up elerGreen Industry primarily serves the manufacturing and chemical industries and is able to produce compostable polymers such as polyglycolic acid for the former and offer waste valorisation in the form of the conversion of toxic ethylene glycol into the harmless and useful polyethylene glycol for the latter. Not only is the company well-versed in the field of technology, but it is also being celebrated for its empowerment of customers and excellent service, with this being carried out through a series of cost-sharing and joint-IP protection, secured via the means of collaborative sales. Within the company, Founder Hui Huang Hoe focuses primarily on the area of green electrochemistry, recovering polymers and metals in the way outlined above. Having been born in Malaysia, the impact of climate change was felt first-hand, and even in his moving to Canada, has felt the effect and witnessed increasingly erratic weather patterns. Spurred on by a desire to remedy this, Hui Huang Hoe pursued a study path that entailed sustainable energy and environmental engineering, utilising this form of engineering to engage in climaterelated cleantech research. Following several acclaimed study projects over an illustrious schooling career, he established elerGreen in a lightbulb moment while running on a treadmill. Cleantech businesses usually require two projects to achieve the necessary revenue, first using their own funds to develop a product, before getting customers to pay for its duplicate. Disrupting the industry, elerGreen’s model instead revolves around collaborative sales combining the two project cycles into one, with the reactor being built and checked at the company’s site, before being sent over to a client for a field-test, where a purchase occurs together with a license once the technology has been demonstrated successfully. This method ultimately reduces risks and ensures savings, as well as shortens the company’s development lifecycle. Producing polymers through electrochemical means is famous for its low-cost methods and low eco-footprint results, and yet was notoriously difficult to achieve due to the need for the solid that formed on the service to be conductive, otherwise resulting in an abrupt ending. By successfully re-designing the electrode to be in motion against a blade, a lower cost production is secured, along with increased efficiency and scalability. A stackable modular design further eases the manufacturing process, and with this product patented spanning more than 100 countries worldwide, 94% of the global market can be captured. Cleantech industry may seem complicated to many, but elerGreen is determined to see a reformed approach not only in industry, but also the general public, with the team hoping to see an increase in people being made aware of the necessity for allocating resource and support to cleantech to benefit the future of the planet, which can be done in a similar way to the funding of university research. Bolstered by a commitment to personify “Electrification Done Green”, elerGreen has made it its mission to combine profit with sustainability and environmental and social issues, using its meticulous blend of invention and innovation in the constant pursuit of this goal. Looking ahead to the future, the company has a great deal of plans in the pipeline, with the business seeking to, “go wide and go tall to expand positive impacts.” The immediate goal is to scale up the reactor operations, which in turn will enable more collaborative sales. Beyond this, in the next year, elerGreen hopes to continue to diversify its end-products for more polymers, metals, and chemicals, with this again hopefully having the same dual effect of boosting sales and benefiting the environment. With this unwavering dedication in toe, elerGreen Industry has established itself as a standout cleantech start-up, one that is committed to excellent client service and garnering a tremendous positive social impact for generations to come. Contact Detail Contact: Hui Huang Hoe, [email protected] Company: elerGreen Industry, [email protected] Web Address: elergreen.com

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 12 Best Sustainable Business Card Solutions Provider 2023 - UK Tapzo is a London based company that specialises in the creation of smart business cards and their corresponding networking management platform. NFC, which stands for near-field communication, is a groundbreaking technology allowing business contact details to be shared with clients in a snap. Formed at the tail end of 2022, Tapzo has a paramount focus on environmental sustainability, with a company intention to mitigate the impact of conventional business card waste. The company reports a mindboggling number of business cards find themselves into landfill. Some 8 billion per year, with a significant portion unable to be recycled due to the presence of laminate materials. Tapzo is dedicated to solving the business card sustainability dilemma. The product it has created offers a more environmentally friendly way to share details, which aligns with the company’s key mission to offer an alternative that reduces waste. In addition to the Tapzo card’s sustainability objectives, the company also commits to planting a tree for every user. The welcome effect of this is that customers who switch to using Tapzo cards are not only reducing unnecessary waste, but contributing to reforestation, water conservation and reduced energy use. Over the lifespan of a single tree, it is able to absorb 1,000 kilograms of CO2, which makes it an essential and constructive manner in which to respond to many of the underlying issues posed by the print industry. NFC smart business cards are durable, reusable, and sustainable. Details can be updated easily, thus negating the need for reprints. A one-time purchase will last a lifetime, unlike traditional business cards. Tapzo estimates that individuals using standard business cards actually, on average, consume 20,000 cards in their life. Quite aside from the landfill issues this causes, the paper production in itself is shocking. It requires an entire adult tree and 2,574 litres of water to produce the required paper for all those business cards. In terms of customers, Tapzo pinpoints the example of a large tech company it has recently worked with. They sought an innovative and eco-conscious way to share their contact information with third parties at a major industry event they were attending. The Tapzo product fit the bill perfectly, helping the client with a convenient and futuristic networking solution, as well as reducing the waste traditional business cards would have generated. Overall, Tapzo not only achieved an immediate cost reduction of 25% compared to traditional cards but also eliminated the necessity for future card printing. This not only represents significant upfront savings but also results in additional lifelong savings surpassing the initial 25%. With its smart, sustainable business cards, Tapzo also offers a convenient way to track how many people have saved company details in their phonebook. Furthermore, Tapzo goes beyond contact details, allowing users to include custom link buttons alongside traditional information, opening the door to reducing the need for additional printed materials. For example, users can attach marketing brochures to a 'download NFC Business cards are the smart, modern way to share your company details with potential clients. A simple tap seamlessly transfers information from card to phone in a similar way to contactless payments. Using an NFC card is a sustainable way to share contact details, and help reduce the environmental damage caused by the mountains of disposable business cards that end up in landfill every year. our brochure' button on their Tapzo profile, thus also eliminating the requirement to carry brochures. Tapzo is dedicated to advancing its mission by enhancing its products, fostering partnerships with environmentally conscious organisations, and promoting awareness of its NFC smart business cards. Most people don’t even know that the state-ofthe-art product Tapzo offers even exists, let alone the extent of the help it can provide them. Aside from the ecological benefits and cost savings a Tapzo card offers, it undoubtedly helps to create a stunning first impression too. Being able to share details by tapping a potential client’s smartphone is a real conversation starter, and it works equally as well on both iPhone and Android with no apps required. Just tap. The smart card itself that Tapzo provides to customers can be customized with a company’s own design, or printed as a standard option with Tapzo artwork. Both cards function in the same manner, and will last forever. Tapzo has been recognised as the Best Sustainable Business Card Solutions Provider 2023 – UK, in the Environmental Sustainability Awards. Congratulations to the ecologically sound company who has effected to create an outstanding kind of business card that has been completely re-imagined for a better future. Contact Details Company: Tapzo Web Address: https://tapzo.io Contact Name: Deivid Colkevicius Tapzo Oct23595

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 13 Set on pioneering ‘The Green Revolution’, Lanman Solar has proven itself to be East Anglia’s ‘go to’ company for renewable energy solutions. Priding themselves on their ability to deliver excellent residential and commercial solar panel installations for Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and all of East Anglia. Lanman Solar are the best the region has to offer, backed up by their impressive client testimonials and all 5 star reviews on Google. Below, we explore how this award-winning specialist has gone the extra mile to create clean, cost-effective energy solutions that are built to last. Solar Panel Installation Specialists - East Anglia Contact: Gregory Newman Company: Lanman Solar Web Address: www.lanmansolar.co.uk/solar-panel-installation Regardless of whether home and business owners are wanting to slash their energy costs, are in pursuit of reducing the carbon output of their buildings, or even wish to elevate their property value altogether, Lanman Solar has proven to be the definitive team for the job. Equipped with professional engineers who can supply customised solar solutions, Lanman Solar makes the transition to solar energy as seamless as possible for home and business owners alike, across East Anglia. Their accreditations speak for themselves as they are MCS, Part-P and TrustMark approved – with the backing of RECC (Renewable Energy Consumers Code), so it’s not just their clients who think they’re good! No longer does swapping to solar power have to be seen as a difficult or complex process; Lanman Solar is in the business of making it straightforward. For domestic solar panel installation projects, Lanman Solar have consistently upheld only the highest of industry standards for sustainability, safety, and quality across every project. They are enabling homeowners to take the first big step into their sustainable futures. On one project we researched at ‘Wood Farm Barn’, Lanman Solar had implemented a 16 strong solar panel installation on this Suffolk home, with battery storage to store the excess energy produced during the day, and then added both an iBoost to heat their water and two EV charging points too! This all means that the household can sometimes run as an entirely green and sustainable property! This is all due to Lanman Solar deploying the industry’s latest technologies, implementing them to improve people’s homes, lifestyles, and bank balances – all whilst reducing their carbon footprint! Similarly, Lanman Solar also have an excellent track record with their commercial clients - who are looking to reduce their energy costs, whilst pursuing a more sustainable method of operation. Lanman Solar can do this on any scale - from the smaller 30 panel solar installation they undertook on the Copdock Cricket Club in the Spring, to the medium sized installation of around 200 panels on Ipswich Sports Club in Summer, up to the large 700 panel solar installation on the Earlham Institute in Norwich which they completed in the Autumn! It’s been a busy year for Lanman Solar! And with commercial testimonials like “A fantastic company to work with, seamless communication and support from start to finish. I would highly recommend them.” – from Chris Grimwood General Manager at the Ipswich Sports Club – you can see why they have won this award! However, solar panel installation and servicing isn’t where Lanman Solar’s expertise ends. On the contrary, it’s all about creating and designing a bespoke system for each and every client. Lanman Solar will handle your solar panel installation, but also provide customers with the option to incorporate solar battery storage systems into their builds, add iBoosts to the water heating systems and on to installing EV charging points and even solar lighting too, both domestically and commercially. Lanman Solar has masterfully crafted systems, bespoke to each client and their needs, that are specifically designed to keep power flowing, store it where possible, and ensure its utilised in the best way depending on individual client requirements. Lanman Solar holds an intrinsic understanding of exactly what home and business owners alike are looking for when taking the leap into solar power, and have gone above and beyond to ensure a seamless process each time. Whether this is exemplified by its comprehensive installation services, or its ability to service its solar panels should the need ever arise, Lanman Solar has demonstrated an unapologetic passion for transforming the ways in which the region sources its energy. We’re excited to present Lanman Solar with the “Solar panel installation specialist for East Anglia” award. Its dedication to its craft is a breath of fresh air, allowing it to consistently carry out successful solar panel installation projects for properties of all shapes and sizes. Its passion for bringing us closer to a sustainable future is what has guided it thus far, and we’re sure that this will only continue as they take bold strides into 2024. Contact Details Contact: Gregory Newman Company: Lanman Solar Web Address: www.lanmansolar.co.uk/solar-panel-installation Nov23166 LANMAN SOLAR

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 14 Since the company's inception, UBS Solar has been offering customers a fully customised solar energy solution to fit the varying needs of each residential and commercial property, whilst upholding its promise of delivering a comprehensive energy retrofit consultancy service. Their goal is to help homeowners and business owners alike, assess their energy needs and determine whether a switch to a solar solution will financially benefit them. The company has fashioned bespoke solutions that encompass an array of options designed to reduce carbon emissions and save their clients money. The packages that UBS solar provide often involve multi-faceted monitoring systems, modern hybrid inverters, battery systems and the latest solar panels, all specifically designed for each project. UBS Solar also extends its services to local council projects and investment banking organisations, boasting immense expertise in energy consultation, the team encourages exploration into renewable energy options through a focused lens. This exploration typically involves an energy evaluation and feasibility assessment ultimately concluding in the development of a sustainable energy strategy. Already, UBS Solar has assisted both government, and privately owned institutions along with individual homeowners achieving their sustainability goals, ultimately concluding in drastically reduced operational costs for the organisations and home owners alike. UBS Solar Is a company the holds a resolute focus on the betterment of the environment, as an organisation they have gone above and beyond to forge sustainable solutions in an ever growing energy crisis. Home and Business owners across the UK have been desperately searching for a more cost effective method of powering their properties, and UBS Solar has been consistently the face of the solution. Harnessing solar energy to create electricity, while maximising the efficiency of a well-designed system is where this organisation truly thrives, and its unique skill set has placed it at the forefront of change in an ever changing environment. It's no secret that protecting our environment has never been more important. UBS Solar has held an accurate awareness of this fact since its establishment, and has utilised this knowledge to forge better, and often unique solutions to age-old problems. Focused on renewable energy generation, carbon reduction, energy efficiency sustainability in operation, and highlighting the awareness of how vital solar power is to restoring the health of our ecosystem is the driving force behind the company. That combined with its consultation service guarantees its clients a seamless journey to cost and carbon reduction. Possessing unparalleled industry knowledge, and a wealth of completed projects, under the reins of the Managing Director Phil Ray, UBS Solar has equipped itself with the ability to swiftly navigate a complex industry in a way that truly benefits their clients. Regardless how nuanced a challenge is offered, UBS Solar’s team is always prepared to go that extra mile. At its heart, UBS Solar is passionate about doing its part to accelerate the transition to sustainable and renewable future, and we are sure that, given its impressive track record, it's well on its way to accomplishing this aspirational goal. Contact Details Contact: Phil Ray Company: UBS Solar Web Address: ubssolar.uk Specialising in solar installation, energy retrofit consultancy and under the leadership of Phil Ray, UBS Solar is a company that prioritises providing a turnkey solar solution for its vast client portfolio. This is exemplified through design, procurement, and ultimately the installation of solar panels. Join us as we delve into how the company empowers its clients with energy saving solutions that aren't just better for the environment but for their finances also. Best Solar Power Solutions Company 2023 - East of England UBS Solar Oct23354