Environmental Sustainability Awards 2023

BUILD Environmental Sustainaility Awards 2023 | 11 Best Global CleanTech Start-Up 2023 & BUILD Client Service Excellence Award 2023 Cleantech business elerGreen Industry is committed to salvaging valuable products from waste and renewable electricity in a way that is economic and eco-friendly. Since its establishment in October 2018, the business has rapidly developed into a successful operating company boasting stellar facilities and intellectual properties. A key industry differentiator, the company has invented a unique electrochemical reactor which moves an electrode against stationary blades in order to continuously harvest solid products from green electrochemistry. Through this revolutionary means, pollutants inclusive of CO2, tailings, and petrochemical waste are converted into valuable materials, polymers, and feedstocks. We speak with founder Hui Huang Hoe, who provides further insight into the operation and the company’s dedication to the environment. Revolutionary cleantech start-up elerGreen Industry primarily serves the manufacturing and chemical industries and is able to produce compostable polymers such as polyglycolic acid for the former and offer waste valorisation in the form of the conversion of toxic ethylene glycol into the harmless and useful polyethylene glycol for the latter. Not only is the company well-versed in the field of technology, but it is also being celebrated for its empowerment of customers and excellent service, with this being carried out through a series of cost-sharing and joint-IP protection, secured via the means of collaborative sales. Within the company, Founder Hui Huang Hoe focuses primarily on the area of green electrochemistry, recovering polymers and metals in the way outlined above. Having been born in Malaysia, the impact of climate change was felt first-hand, and even in his moving to Canada, has felt the effect and witnessed increasingly erratic weather patterns. Spurred on by a desire to remedy this, Hui Huang Hoe pursued a study path that entailed sustainable energy and environmental engineering, utilising this form of engineering to engage in climaterelated cleantech research. Following several acclaimed study projects over an illustrious schooling career, he established elerGreen in a lightbulb moment while running on a treadmill. Cleantech businesses usually require two projects to achieve the necessary revenue, first using their own funds to develop a product, before getting customers to pay for its duplicate. Disrupting the industry, elerGreen’s model instead revolves around collaborative sales combining the two project cycles into one, with the reactor being built and checked at the company’s site, before being sent over to a client for a field-test, where a purchase occurs together with a license once the technology has been demonstrated successfully. This method ultimately reduces risks and ensures savings, as well as shortens the company’s development lifecycle. Producing polymers through electrochemical means is famous for its low-cost methods and low eco-footprint results, and yet was notoriously difficult to achieve due to the need for the solid that formed on the service to be conductive, otherwise resulting in an abrupt ending. By successfully re-designing the electrode to be in motion against a blade, a lower cost production is secured, along with increased efficiency and scalability. A stackable modular design further eases the manufacturing process, and with this product patented spanning more than 100 countries worldwide, 94% of the global market can be captured. Cleantech industry may seem complicated to many, but elerGreen is determined to see a reformed approach not only in industry, but also the general public, with the team hoping to see an increase in people being made aware of the necessity for allocating resource and support to cleantech to benefit the future of the planet, which can be done in a similar way to the funding of university research. Bolstered by a commitment to personify “Electrification Done Green”, elerGreen has made it its mission to combine profit with sustainability and environmental and social issues, using its meticulous blend of invention and innovation in the constant pursuit of this goal. Looking ahead to the future, the company has a great deal of plans in the pipeline, with the business seeking to, “go wide and go tall to expand positive impacts.” The immediate goal is to scale up the reactor operations, which in turn will enable more collaborative sales. Beyond this, in the next year, elerGreen hopes to continue to diversify its end-products for more polymers, metals, and chemicals, with this again hopefully having the same dual effect of boosting sales and benefiting the environment. With this unwavering dedication in toe, elerGreen Industry has established itself as a standout cleantech start-up, one that is committed to excellent client service and garnering a tremendous positive social impact for generations to come. Contact Detail Contact: Hui Huang Hoe, [email protected] Company: elerGreen Industry, [email protected] Web Address: elergreen.com