Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

51 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 50 ituated in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Cortes y Sistemas SRL is a market-leading company of construction solutions, covering demolitions, special cuts, perforations in beams, partitions and slabs and industrial flooring. In 1999, CyS SRL was a small company with only two explosion-engine concrete cutting machines and two drilling machines. Over two decades, and with the help of a growing and loyal client base, CyS SRL has grown into one of the leaders of the Argentinian construction industry, boasting the most complete and cutting-edge equipment of any of its competitors, including more than forty drilling machines, autonomous cutting equipment, state-of-the-art demolition technology and a fleet of road service trucks. Having increased their service offering to include excavation, soil transportation and civil works, CyS SRL is able to offer complete solutions which, combined with the firm’s outstanding Human Resources and customer service, has earned their recruitment into some of the largest projects of Argentina. For example, CyS SRL was able to use its ground-breaking diamond wire cutting system for the first time ever in Argentina on the cutting and demolition of a pedestrian and vehicular bridge as part of the expansion of the Av. Gral Paz, CABA. The success of this project then led to the recruitment of CyS SRL and their innovative diamond wire cutting technology again for the landmark demolition of the 25 De Mayo Motorway, which saw the removal of a ramp that had been out of use for over forty years. The involvement with these and other major projects such as the Viaducto San Martin and the Vulcano Project on a cement plant has been elemental to the successful growth of CyS SRL. They have enabled continuous investment Best Reinforced Concrete Cutting Company – Argentina & Award for Excellence in Demolition 2020 Cortes y Sistemas SRL was established in 1999 and has since been built up around the company’s fundamental values; Technology, Team and Experience. Specialising in new construction technologies such as controlled and technical demolitions, building, road servicing and structure reinforcement, the Argentinian firm is driving towards becoming the country’s leading organisation in construction solutions, and thanks to its involvement with landmark works within the country, they are well on their way. S Aug20459 in state-of-the-art equipment, which goes hand in hand with the technically skilled and professional team in further expanding the organisation. For CyS SRL, their most valuable asset is their trajectory and the trust that is invested in them by clients. As such, every project is closely monitored and evaluated in an interdisciplinary manner to find the most effective way to achieve an outcome that benefits the client, society, and the company itself. Since the firm’s inception, the company has therefore been built on the principles of technology, team and experience. Boasting the latest technology in both equipment and planning and control systems, CyS SRL’s team take pride in their brand and are devoted to growing and developing it to attain its greatest potential. And with over twenty years of experience behind it, CyS SRL is able to guarantee their clients a reliable service that has a thorough knowledge of its industry. Thanks to the technical and productive capacities of CyS SRL’s people and equipment, the firm is able to respond to any challenge it may face. Unfortunately, however, the business has felt the effects of the global pandemic as the construction sector was one of the worst hit in Argentina. Nevertheless, despite the five-month halt of face-to-face activity, CyS SRL was able to keep everyone of its team members, something many of its competitors were sadly unable to achieve. Consequently, CyS SRL has been able to look ahead during the current lull in business activity and dedicated the time to consolidating the areas in which the firm is already leading the market, such as cutting, drilling and demolition. Once the country returns to some semblance of normality, CyS SRL will also look to invest in their excavation and civil works services that they have been cultivating over the past five years, with ambitions to become industry leaders of the country in these areas too. Whatever lies ahead for CyS SRL, we can have no doubt that there will be no limits to the successful expansion of this ambitious organisation. Contact: Director, Arch. Miguel Hector Ezequiel Bressi Company: Cortes y Sistemas SRL Web Address: Leading Innovators in Facade System Design 2020 or seventy five years, the RENOLIT Group has specialised in innovation. Today, that manifests itself as high-quality plastic films and products that are both the passion and profession of the team who works there. Leveraging its many years of experience and its deep love of innovation to create products and solutions that help make life better for its clients, the RENOLIT Group has become somewhat synonymous with the value of reliability. It is the very core of the brand, which stands for excellent business relations with its customers and partners, as well as for the cooperative collaboration of its employees. The product range includes a wide range of plastic films and other plastic products, as well as related services for various markets and applications, including the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, home and building, shipping, advertising, and packaging sectors. Whether it be components for transfusion sets, furniture surfaces and window profiles, or façade claddings and lining for swimming pools, the RENOLT Group is on hand to deliver exactly what clients need. In fact, the firm has become one of the leading innovators in the world of façade system design. More specifically, its freshly-created Market Unit Facade can offer façade solutions in new construction, as well as in renovation or remodelling, with a strong focus on sustainability, re-use, or recycling. All of these products that the RENOLIT Group offers benefit from over seven decades of experience and expert knowledge, which it applies in the best interests of its customers. This approach provides them with the very best quality, as the basis for professional results. The RENOLIT Group has always strived to manifest itself an open and innovative culture which permits active involvement on the part of all its employees. In joint projects with customers and partners alike, the firm aims to develop practical innovations for the future. Communication is always a key aspect of a well-executed project, especially on a façade, where many stakeholders are involved. The RENOLIT Group uses internal tools such as CRM to follow the project at all levels within the company, and therefore maintains excellence throughout. Working in such a competitive industry, where innovation is absolutely key to staying ahead, the RENOLIT Group is offering not only the product itself, but also a complete solution. With its network of reliable partners and long-term experience, clients can always rely on the firm for what it needs. The RENOLIT Group offers a flexible and custom approach to working with clients, ensuring that a solution is created that matches exactly the requirements or proposal from the client themselves. This is quite rare on a market where most companies always want to sell a full new façade. Façades remain the business card equivalent of a professional activity, and the firm has noticed more and more how much value companies place on their external appearance and signature. Looking ahead to the future, the firm intends to continue working intensively to increase recycling and reutilization rates, promote resource-saving production processes, and remain involved in numerous sustainability associations. By acting in a comprehensive and responsible manner, it thereby contributes to a future worth living. Many look at the plastic industry and see something that is contributing to a world where environments are not cared for properly, but the RENOLIT Group has always focused on doing what is best both for the people, and the planet. Its excellence is fully deserving of this award win, and there is sure to be more to come in the future. Company: RENOLIT SE Contact: Somaiya Tunca Website: F As an independent and family-owned business, the RENOLIT Group has been setting quality and innovation standards for well over seventy years. To ensure that its customers can ‘Rely On It’, which happens to be the company’s unchanged claim since origin, more than 4,800 employees at more than thirty locations worldwide are continuously developing pioneering products for all key industries. Today, we take a closer look at the firm following its success in this years’ Construction and Engineering Awards from BUILD Magazine. Sep20922