Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

47 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 46 ased in Cairo, Egypt, it specialises in fast turnaround projects and those which require a speedy completion, with the overall goal of providing complete satisfaction to customers though its commitment and professionalism. Kamel Shehata is the Director of SWEVEN Construction. He tells us a little more about the firm’s philosophy and work ethic. “Here at SWEVN, our values in the fields of construction and engineering are that we are empathetic to the utmost degree and are very understanding of the requirements of our clients, whether engineering or financial, and we are also dependable to rely on us as we are professional. “Our basic values do not change, but we develop them to keep pace with the developments around us, so we always strive to make more effort to identify the needs of our customers and study what we can provide to achieve their goals. We consider ourselves as partners with them and we are not just executives of their projects.” In its 18 years of experience, SWEVEN has completed many large projects for international corporations, such as HSBC Bank, Nestle, Porto Group, DHL and Froneri. The Froneri Head office was finished in 28 days and this project is the reason for their award. However, one such project that the firm is particularly proud of is that of Misr Phosphate Head office in Cairo. The project, with covered a total area of 10,000 square meters and included finishing works, electromechanical repairs, and civil works, took SWEVEN just 180 days to complete at a cost of 60 million Egyptian pounds. Kamel tells us about the issues that the firm encountered and how they sought to overcome these. “One of the biggest difficulties with this project was that the concrete structure was solid slab structure rather than flat slab structure. This led to problems in electromechanical installations and works, the first of which was the air-conditioning system and pipes for fire extinguishing lines. Best Construction & Fine Finishing Company – Egypt Beginning life back in 2002 under the name of Al Quds Construction, the firm has recently rebranded to SWEVEN Construction. Since their inception almost two decades ago, SWEVEN has had an unstoppable rise to success, expanding not only their service offerings, but also their client base. Recently, we caught up with the firm’s Director Kamel Shehata who provided us with a glimpse into the innerworkings of this award-winning business. B Sep20492 “If work had been done and those networks were connected under the concrete beams, this would have led to the net height being less than two meters, and this height is not technically acceptable in this project. “We had an innovative solution, which is that we opened nearly 110 slots inside the concrete beam with diameters from 2 to 6 inches, and we reinforced the beams with carbon fibre strips as a practical and safe alternative to the reinforcing steel that was cut inside the armed beams, through one of the largest engineering consultants in the field Dr.Hisham Hagag.” Another problem for SWEVEN involved feeding the firefighting network with water which required a water tank with a capacity of 230 cubic meters. “There was the complete impossibility of placing such a tank on top of the building due to its huge size,” embellishes Kamel. “We had to invent another solution and actually we created the tank below in the lower level of the building under supervision of EDC electromechanical consultant . This was something that was not easy for us as we were doing work in the waiting area and in the middle of the concrete foundation area of the entire building. One of the building’s main pillars was passing through the tank, which forced us to reinforce the concrete isolation. This was hard work that required a lot of effort to complete it correctly and in record time as well.” Not only does SWEVEN have several ISO certificates that highlight the internal management form of the company, as well as the work environment in the sites, it also has a strategy plan to ensure its success. Kamel describes the firm’s approach to new projects and how it ensures it differentiates itself from competitors to continue winning new business. “The competition in this field is very strong and the most difficult thing is to be distinguished within a field like this. We have long experience in multiple lines within the field, which make us able to offer more than one product that covers most of the market needs. “It has become imperative that we direct our efforts towards strategic market studies and make precise plans to win these difficult challenges, so we are not the only ones in the field of competition. “The company relies in its projects on the approach of studying, auditing, and effective follow-up and keeping pace with the great development in the fields of engineering and construction, whether this is in the requirements of the customer or at the level of the engineering value that our company gives him. “To achieve this, the company always creates professional work teams that rely mainly on study and training based on the company’s own vision and an emphasis on presenting our values and culture within the field.” Company: SWEVEN Construction Contact: [email protected] Web Address: previously ALQUDS CONSTRUCTION