Construction and Engineering Awards 2020

43 Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 BUILD BUILD Construction & Engineering Awards 2020 42 he Melbourne-based Ammache Architects burst onto Tthe scene in 1998, led by Nidal Ammache. They have continued working from strength to strength since. Not only are they a full-service architecture firm, but they have also blown clients away with their intelligent approach to sustainability. The firm is comprised of team of carefully selected professionals, together covering a comprehensive range of architectural services, from schematic design through to planning, compliance and post-constructive services. Whether it is an industrial project from start to finish, or interior design to finish off a home, Ammache Architects can do the job, and do the job well. They have experience in high-rise residential and multi-unit design, as well as commercial projects and expertise with town planning submissions. The firm combines distinction in their design with an intuitive understanding of environmental needs. Their approach has created outstanding buildings of beauty, quality and functionality and, crucially, are sustainable. Best Full-Service Architecture & Sustainable Design Firm – Melbourne It can be difficult for a company to stand by a philosophy of sustainability, especially when faced with the current state of the industry. Ammache Architects have distinguished themselves as a company that incorporate the needs of the client and a responsibility to the environment that results in incredible final products. T Aug20563 Each and every project that Ammache Architects works on encompasses their philosophy of “understanding society’s fundamental physical and psychological needs.” It is an insight that helps them to achieve synchronicity between structure and nature. Although this can be a challenge at times, due to the difficult Australian geographic and regulatory setting, Ammache Architects have earned themselves a reputation for facing challenges head on and achieving great things. The firm prides itself on being problem solvers who use the genius of their architects to overcome any obstacle. Recently, the team have turned their expertise to an impressive planning project in Healesville, Melbourne. This puts the mixed- use development right at the centre of the Yarra Valley food and wine district, an area populated by some of the region’s most talented artists. The challenge faced by Ammache Architects is to fit the project, which includes a compound market, hotel epicurean centre, brewery, McDonalds and a variety of other restaurants, into the beautiful area without compromising on the sensitive beauty of the neighbourhood. They are seeking to add value to the area while working within the aesthetics of the surroundings. All too often, structures are added to places and become a point of contention for the locals. This is not the case when Ammache Architects are on the case. The building they have designed is flowing and beautiful. It looks modern but without being too striking and uses flowing curves to give it a softer silhouette. In addition, the architects are working on a series of high-rise office buildings of 20 stories and above, as well as a high-rise apartment. They use careful planning and control, and manage their clients’ expectations well, in order to produce a final development that satiates all needs. The firm take a strong stance on environmental sustainability. They want their projects to be responsibly built and reduce or negate impact on the environment. They do this by focusing on overall site design, passive building design (such as window-to-floor ratio, double and triple glazing, Low-E glazing, passive cooling, natural lighting, solar tubes etc), shading and chill protection devices (such as shade sails, window tinting, solar PV pergola etc), maximising thermal mass, insulation solutions, energy efficient appliances and lighting, efficient water systems, renewable energy, and sustainable building materials. At the moment, the industry is particularly challenging. The world has slowed to a crawl and investors are waiting to see what is going to happen before putting their money into projects. Ammache Architects have managed to adapt and reduce the issues that other architects may be experiencing by being on hand to advise their clients on the best way to navigate the current landscape. Despite the issues that we are all facing, Ammache Architects think the future is bright. They are continuing to provide excellent architectural solutions and designs, while increasing their client reach, becoming known around the world. As Nidal Ammache said, “Pure architecture is a simple use of environment, respecting different cultures and creating a space to contain them. It is the knowledge of the past, current and future cultures, the knowledge of people’s minds and their needs. By understanding this, we can build great buildings and create happiness.” Company: Ammache Architects Contact: Nidal Ammache Web: