2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 45 Jul19256 : Best Roof Access Systems Provider 2019 - Australasia Supporting a vast array of clients, Monkeytoe is a leading provider of Roof Access and HVAC Plant Mounting systems to the construction industry throughout Australasia. To celebrate the firm’s success in our 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards we profile it and share the secrets behind its phenomenal success. roviding aluminium roof access and HVAC plant mounting systems for any construction application, Monkeytoe is a flexible company dedicated to providing the highest possible quality support and services to its clients. The firm’s service offering includes Aluminium HVAC plant and mechanical platforms condenser mounts, Screening systems including aluminium louvres and acoustic barrier system, as well as custom access Systems including walkways, ladders and handrails and even custom build aluminium stairs. Among the firm’s recent successful projects is its work in New Zealand on the Cordis Hotel Stair. For this project Monkeytoe was approached to design, manufacture and install a fire stair solution for a 10-storey hotel. This modular system was pre-fabricated offsite and then installed in sections - a 26m stair installed in only 4days. The result was an exemplary end-to-end solution, provided by Monkeytoe from design, to manufacture to install. P Additionally, the firm has also worked on projects with renowned companies such as its work for 7-Eleven, Brisbane. Monkeytoe was approached to provide a HVAC platform in a short time-frame as this had been omitted off the initial plans. Monkeytoe was able to provide a solution with louvres within the required time-frame that well and truly exceeded the client’s expectations. Each of these projects proves Monkeytoe’s dedication to exceeding its client’s expectations and providing a best-of-breed roof access or HVAC mounting system, seamlessly to the client - on time and on budget. Time is money in construction and as such the team seek to provide the best solutions to the greatest advantage of the client in every way. Such an approach requires a dedicated team of staff who fully understand the needs of each and every client, and as such the team at Monkeytoe collaborate with their client on each project, viewing it as an individual assignment that is personal to the client. This approach ensures clients feel supported throughout their project and receive the outcome they need. Looking to the future, Monkeytoe aims to continue to offer the same exceptional standard of service whilst at the same time expanding its offering to include increasing its involvement in the custom access and mounting solutions market in New Zealand, and expanding the offering to its Australian clients. Such developments will drive the company to even greater success over the years ahead. Contact details: Company: Monkeytoe | Name: Breanna Prestidge Web Address: www.monkeytoe.co.nz & www.monkeytoe.com.au Telephone Number: NZ: 0800 658 637 & AUS: 1800 953 047 Address: NZ: 45A Mawhitiwhiti Rd, Normanby 4675 AUS: 4 Ravenhall Way, Ravenhall Melbourne, VIC 3023

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