2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 46 Jul19287 Romal Capital Limited: Best Property Development Company – Merseyside revious experience of being involved in waterfront regeneration sites in Sydney provides Romal Capital with unequalled insight regarding waterfront locations for property development. Using a wealth of experience, the company know what it takes to build an inner-city neighbourhood offering all that residents can enjoy whilst feeling part of a unique community. Romal Capital wants to play its part in bringing back the vibrancy and life to the historic Liverpool docks by creating a new residential community that can enjoy inner-city waterfront living. Aspiring to bring the energy back to the docks, the company aims to do this through sustainability, liveability and neighbourhood design. Researching every element of this design through lengthy consultation processes with clients is just one way this firm ensure that the work they do is of the highest quality. Before investing in any property development project, the team at Romal Capital ensure that critical criteria are met to ensure that they are working in an area where their experience is pertinent. If an area has water, capital gain, and rental return, the company will invest and their latest venture, the Liverpool Waters regeneration project, has all three. One of the most exciting regeneration projects in the UK at the moment, this waterfront development will not just offer residential areas, but a vibrant inner-city experience with shops, retail, gyms, parks and more. The experience of the team at Romal Capital offers clients what they want and allows them to build what they perceive the market requires. The prime location of Liverpool Waters means that the apartments are so desirable that with the first completion, properties have been rented quickly, generating solid financial gains. Doing what they say they will, the team have delivered on time regarding phase one of the Liverpool Waters project and are nearing completion of phase two. P With over fifty combined years of experience in the property development industry, Romal Capital Limited are a Merseyside-based company offering high quality apartments in a historic waterfront location in Liverpool. Offering modern day living coupled with the vibrancy and history of Liverpool, these apartments are ideally suited to a wide variety of clients, and the team’s passion for property development help make the client experience an enjoyable one. Taking a strong customer-focused, hands-on approach, clients have direct lines to the developers in Romal Capital. With trust, accountability and reliability at the core of everything the company are trying to achieve, the team ensure that the client has everything they need throughout all stages of the process. In the future, the company aims to move towards even more sustainable living. Exploring solar power and water retention, this property development firm are keen to explore the complexities of environmental issues and seek to overcome them. Through innovative thinking and technological progress, the team at Romal Capital are committed to delivering sustainable residential products. Ultimately, the remarkable success of Romal Capital is down to their ability to develop exciting, vibrant waterfront properties in the culturally historic area of the Liverpool docks. Marrying culture and community, this Merseyside-based property development firm are working hard on the thrilling Liverpool Waters project to bring inner-city enthusiasm to such a famously historic area. Contact details: Company: Romal Capital Limited Contact: Louise Pearce Website: http://romalcapital.co.uk/

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