2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 44 Jul19250 Maddox Group Inc: Best Tenant Improvement Contractor - South Florida ince its inception Maddox Group has been focused on interior build-outs, and as such the group is able to provide a comprehensive range of construction services to clients in the corporate, education, industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and retail markets throughout Florida. Operating in the highly-competitive interiors market, Maddox Group faces stiff competition and many challenges in its quest for success. Working tirelessly to overcome any challenge it faces, the group is agile, growing and fiercely focused on the needs of its valued clients. Its passion and integrity set the group apart from its competitors as much as its construction skills and experience. Thanks to this myriad of skills and benefits, the group has come to pride itself on its reputation for operating to the highest of standards. One great example of the firm’s dedication to client satisfaction and providing solutions that will improve the lives of tenants is its work with MobileHelp. The client has an open office design for team collaboration, custom millwork, new mechanical systems, upgraded electrical, and new finishes throughout. Through teamwork, open communication, and creative thinking, Maddox Group and the project team of MobileHelp improvised its way through many unforeseen conditions and challenges on this 50,000 square foot project. Maddox Group delivered the $2.1 million project and 50,000 square feet of interior renovation on an 18-week timeline by re-sequencing work and engaging key subcontractors to maintain an aggressive schedule. S Located in Florida, with offices in Boca Raton and Miami, Maddox Group is a full-service general contracting and construction management firm capable of providing award-winning services to clients throughout the region. We showcase the range of solutions and support this innovative and driven company has to offer to clients across the Sunshine State. The most dominant problem the team faced was related to the short time frame for completion. Fast-tracking the submittal process and working daily with the Design and Engineering teams helped strategically schedule and coordinate with building management, staff, and subcontractors to complete the project on schedule and maintain a safe environment in which business could be conducted. Moving forward, the future looks bright for Maddox Group. Thanks to its commitment to quality service and exceptional support the firm has maintained great relationships over the years, and as such it has many exciting projects on the horizon. One such project due to begin shortly is a 130,000 square foot corporate office and showroom build-out. This is a high-profile project, and as such it will drive the group to even greater recognition and seal its reputation for excellence. Ultimately, Maddox Group’s ongoing mission is to become the best general contractor in the Florida area and become the go-to company for interior build-outs. Such an ambitious focus will drive the company towards even more exciting and innovative projects and higher standards of service over the years to come. Contact details: Company: Maddox Group Inc Address: 4800 T Rex Ave Ste 225 Telephone Number: 5614256800 Web Address: maddoxgc.com

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