2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 43 Jul19245 Self Closing Flood Barrier: Best Flood Defence System 2019 Based on the expertise of a team of innovators, Self Closing Flood Barrier (SCFB) is designed and creating a unique solution to defend property and livelihoods from floods, one of nature’s greatest calamities. We profile the solution, which has the potential to revolutionise the built environment. orking closely with an architect and a range of partners from across the construction space, the team behind the SCFB are creating a unique innovation that will change the way the world defends itself from flooding. The barriers can be designed from 1000 meters or more, with a concrete basin up till three meters high, making the solution almost completely invisible. It can be installed in private homes or commercial venues, making it flexible and innovative. Light and easy to install, the SCFB is a practical solution designed to give 24/7 flood protection. As such, it is a revolution in the market and offers users the security that no other product can. Over the years the team have worked to develop the most innovative, creative solution designed with client’s needs in mind. The SCFB was designed in such a way that no moving parts are in it and that all rubbers are under the ground, therefore free of UV rays, so the SCFB is virtually maintenance free. The in-section of the system is also easy to implement by simply filling the barrier. All of this is considered during the design phase of each barrier. The barrier also does not need manpower to set them up. This makes the SCFB the cheapest solution for the long term. Currently, the SCFB team are working on a project in Stonehaven, Scotland, which will use a total of 211 meters of barrier. This barrier is built with stainless steel basin and is being placed above street level. This means that the basin of the barrier is also the foundation of the brick wall, and because of this there is minimal space loss and optimal flood protection. Looking ahead, as global warming causes havoc among the world’s weather and homeowners are increasingly at risk of flooding, demand for the SCFB will only rise, offering the firm’s team the chance to showcase this unique solution to an even wider array of clients around the world. W Company: Self Closing Flood Barrier Name: Michiel Address: Eckertstraat 7a, 8266 CK Kampen, The Netherlands Telephone Number: +31620002100 Web Address: www.selfclosingfloodbarrier.com

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