2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 42 Jul19222 Arcadium Solutions, LLC: Best for Building Commissioning & Optimization Services - Texas Thanks to the expertise of its project team Arcadium Solutions, LLC is able to offer services across the architecture, commissioning and consulting spaces. We profile the firm to learn more about how far it has come since the beginning to offer this diverse range of solutions. ormed in 2015 by a team of experienced Architects and Project Managers, Arcadium Solutions has used their attention to service and quality to position itself as an industry leader in architecture, commissioning, and consulting. Together, the firm’s expert team draws on their past performance and lessons learned across the project management, design oversight, and total building commissioning of large federal jobs sectors to offer their clients an integrated solution that will meet any requirement and ensure the smooth running of any project. Throughout any project the Arcadium Solutions team have the pleasure to work on, they always put the customer first, working collaboratively with them to understand and meet their requirements. This expert team stand ready to assist project stakeholders or to serve as subcontractors to primary firms, and as such they are constantly on hand when required by any client. The firm can also assist Primary Contractors in meeting their Small-Business Participation Goals on any Federal or State contract. F Proudly a Native American owned small business, Arcadium Solutions offers clients a unique combination of the experience of a larger firm with the flexibility and attention-to-detail of a smaller one. The result is success for every client, on every project, no matter what challenges may emerge. Overall, Arcadium Solutions is deeply committed to supporting its clients’ projects and striving to make their roles easier. Driving its clients to efficiency in their work to create quality outcomes will remain the firm’s core focus over the years to come. Contact details: Company: Arcadium Solutions, LLC Contact: Joshua Miller Website: www.arcadium.net

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