2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

2019 Construction & Engineering Awards BUILD 41 Jul19217 Environmental Ecosystems Inc.: Best Environmental & Building Management Services Provider - Eastern Canada Environmental Ecosystems Inc. (Enviro-Eco) is a reputable full-service environmental consulting company with engineering and consulting services based out of Sudbury, and servicing Ontario and Quebec. Having recognised the firm in this year’s Construction & Engineering Awards we showcase the secrets behind its success. nviro-Eco is a reputable full-service environmental consulting company with engineering and consulting services. Specialising in geo-environmental services, natural sciences, building management services and pest control, Enviro-Eco is sought-after by clients occupying diverse niches within the construction industry from private companies providing raw materials for the industry, private construction contractors as well as various levels of government managing large infrastructure projects. For this diverse array of clients, the firm provides an innovative selection of services that span the life of the construction project including pre, during and post-construction environmental services. One of the most recent and challenging projects the firm has undertaken was its work to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) for Air and Noise New Application For an existing sawmill in Northern Ontario within the centre of a rural community and adjacent to a river. A fire at the sawmill triggered the ECA application during the replacement of the equipment. The project was in support of the proposed construction of a new lumber drying kiln, and a new cyclofilter baghouse on the property. In addition to air-dispersion modelling, multiple acoustical modelling attempts were made, and mitigation measures were developed. Prior to the submission of the application extensive pre-consultation meeting occurred with government officials. After a ten year challenge an ECA for noise and air was obtained in August 2018, and this was a true success for Enviro-Eco and shows the firm’s dedication to working towards their clients’ goal, no matter how challenging this may be. Fundamentally, Enviro-Eco’s overall mission is “making tomorrow a better place” . Enviro-Eco works towards this goal by bridging the gap between protecting the natural environment and the meeting needs of its clients. E As part of its mission, Enviro-Eco balances these needs by applying a firm knowledge and understanding of the science behind environmental engineering and environmental protection, working closely with clients to identify project requirements and limitations, providing a high level of client representation with governing regulatory bodies and providing project-specific alternatives from conventional to the most contemporary methods to provide the most environmentally and economically sustainable approach. In all, as a young and growing company, Enviro-Eco’s ongoing focus is on growth and further prosperity, with many exciting projects in the pipeline over the years to come. Company: Environmental Ecosystems Inc. Name: Manon Giroux Address: 767 Barrydowne Road, Unit 203, Sudbury, ON. P3A 3T6 Web Address: www.enviro-eco.ca

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