2019 Construction & Engineering Awards

BUILD 2019 Construction & Engineering Awards 40 Jul19214 Becson Industrial Services Ltd: Best Industrial Coatings & Insulation Contractor - Republic of Ireland riginally established in 2002 as a commercial painting company named Bcpd ltd, the company was rebranded to Becson Industrial Services in 2008 to provide a broad range of industrial services in response to market demand and requests from clients. Since this transformation Becson has grown significantly and the firm is now recognised as a leading industrial services company, providing high quality services to a broad range of clients across a variety of business sectors. Over the years the firm has worked in every major industrial environment; including petrochemical, food processing, Pharmaceutical, manufacturing, commercial offices, education, power generation and marine and offshore, as well as on numerous bridges, stadiums, and other structures. Today, the firm’s industrial coatings services include sandblasting, intumescent coating (Fire proofing) application and coating of steel structure and pipeline. With all the necessary equipment and facilities, Becson can ensure the highest quality of the final products. Its valued staff hold IRATA Rope Access certification, ICATS & SSPC TTP affiliated which is an essential requirement to ensuring quality and safety. O As a result of its experience in the market, Becson has the facilities, equipment and highly trained experienced professionals to meet the needs of its clients, providing them with quality solutions at competitive pricing. The company’s depth of technical knowledge and range of expertise is unparalleled in the industry, ensuring it always achieves the results its clients need. Backed by these resources, as well as its technical expertise and determination to deliver, the firm can allow their customers to grow and prosper. One of only two Irish contractors who provide industrial coatings, thermal insulation services and cladding fabrication services under one roof Becson is a key innovator and offers services that cannot be found elsewhere. Overall, since its rebrand Becson has flourished into a forward- thinking, expert and high achieving strategic industrial service company. Looking ahead, Becson will continue to grow and enhance its service offering to ensure that, whatever the future may hold, it will be ready. With collective experience across a range of construction and industrial markets, Becson Industrial Services Ltd is able to specialise in applying protective coatings for industrial clients, particularly on long-term maintenance contracts and large construction sites across the UK and Ireland. We profile the firm to find out more about the range of solutions it can offer its valued clients. Company: Becson Industrial Services Ltd Contact: Brian Cullen | Website: http://becson.ie/

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