Architecture Awards 2023

Architecture Awards 2023 BUILD 51 Moreover, given that around 45% of household energy costs are related to heating and cooling, implementing the right windows and doors can have a huge effect on the energy cost of a building and therefore its emissions. Since the new leadership team has been in place, energy efficiency has become a key focus in the work that Layton Consulting carries out. As an NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) certified simulation laboratory, Layton Consulting is no stranger to energy performance. They are well-versed in energy saving through windows, doors, and skylights, which guarantees better results for all. Layton Consulting has a team of simulators who conduct thermal analyses on all types of windows and doors at all stages of development and construction. It works with manufacturers in pursuit of NFRC or CSA certifications, aiding glazing companies who need to provide the thermal performance of their products. Additionally, the team works with architects and general contractors at design phases to achieve a site-specific thermal performance calculation, as well as property owners and municipal officers who are looking for overall thermal performance verification. This enables its team to specify appropriate windows and installation methods that meet the top standard available within each community. No matter what challenges Layton Consulting has faced over the years, the team bands together to execute their goals and shine brightly. Jonathan says, “We evaluate, reorganize, stick together, and make it through. We are a story of resilience.” The combined commitment to the business, the team, and their clients propel the firm forward year upon year, regardless of the roadblocks that may appear. Its adaptability and passion are inspiring, and its growth is fantastic to see. We are sure that the rest of 2023 will bring even more of a glow to Layton Consulting. Contact: Jonathan Layton Company: Layton Consulting Ltd. Web Address: