Architecture Awards 2023

BUILD Architecture Awards 2023 102 A Interior Architects Antwerp has recently been recognised as the Best Luxury Interior Design Studio 2023 in Belgium, and rightfully so. With its unique design philosophy and unwavering passion for creating remarkable spaces, the studio has set itself apart in the competitive world of architecture and interior design. Led by a talented team of professionals, IA Interior Architects offers a range of services catered to high-end residential clients and project developers alike, ensuring each project receives the attention it needs to flourish. At the core of IA Interior Architects’ design philosophy is its “client-centric design” approach. Its team firmly believes that understanding a client’s personality and unique characteristics is paramount to creating a successful project. Their expertise lies in two distinct areas: the high-end residential market and modular inventive spaces for project developers. Whether collaborating with clients to design exceptional interiors for high-end loft apartments or creating innovative solutions for smaller houses, the team’s love for art deco and Japanese architecture, combined with a passion for yachts, permeates their design language. One of the firm’s latest projects perfectly showcases the team’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results. The project involved designing two floors in an entire building, one for a 24-year-old client and the other for their parents when they visit Antwerp. The key challenge was to create two distinct designs that could eventually be joined into one cohesive apartment. The team successfully integrated intricate automation systems, pushing the boundaries of what was previously thought possible. The attention to detail and dedication to fulfilling their client’s vision are aspects of the project that the leadership and management teams take great pride in. IA Interior Architects sets itself apart in an industry as competitive in interior design by staying true to its unique design language. The studio is not swayed by passing trends or hype but remains committed to its own path and distinctive personality. Over the years, the team’s unwavering dedication has earned the company steadfast recognition and a strong reputation within the industry. Concerning the industry, the architecture sector in the region is currently experiencing both opportunities and challenges. Globalising design trends present a chance to discover unique materials and craftsmanship from different cultures. However, it also threatens the integrity of design, as blending styles and materials from various cultures can result in incoherent interiors. Additionally, the growing concern for the ecological footprint requires IA Interior Architects to consider the environmental impact of sourcing materials globally carefully and the preservation of local craftsmanship. Looking ahead, the future holds exciting prospects for IA Interior Architects. This year, the team plan to open a new office space in the heart of Antwerp along the dockside. This expansion will coincide with implementing the company’s new design language, featuring more rounded shapes and industrial colours contrasted within a residential context. Embracing change and pushing boundaries are crucial elements that drive the studios continuous growth and success. Plus, it is worth noting that IA Interior Architects believes that running the office as a husband and wife duo, embodying the balance between male and female perspectives, adds an extra layer of creativity and ensures that their designs meet all expectations. Ultimately, IA Interior Architects is a shining example of a luxury interior design studio that blends art deco, Japanese architecture, and yachting influences into unique spaces. The client-centric approach, unwavering dedication to its unique design language, and ability to overcome challenges make the company a formidable force in the industry. As the team embarks on new projects and expands their horizons, IA Interior Architects will undoubtedly continue to leave an indelible mark on the world of luxury interior design in Belgium and beyond. Company: IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS Name: Frederik Schiemsky – Katrien Roefs Email: [email protected] Web Address: IA Interior Architects Antwerp is elevating luxury interior design throughout Belgium. Having researched the company and spoken to members of the team, it is clear to see how it has come to be so widely recognised. Below, we understand what makes IA Interior Architects stand out from the rest. I Mar23463 Best Luxury Interior Design Studio 2023 - Belgium