Architecture Awards 2022

BUILD Architecture Awards 2022 18 Apr22406 iklos architects offers comprehensive architectural design services in the Middle East and beyond for commercial, hospitality, recreational, and luxury residential projects, alongside expert product and furniture design. Its focus remains on evoking emotions and enhancing the user experience by creating bespoke, innovative and unique solutions for the most diverse spaces, while exploring new materials and perspectives in its designs. All of kiklos architects’ projects are designed with a creative and disciplined approach to meet the client’s individual needs, executed with a commitment to quality and credibility, favouring and enabling the use of sustainable processes and materials. In its projects, kiklos architects looks for the ‘road less travelled’. At times, this brings challenges to the execution of concepts and designs, and a close working relationship maintained with its partners is fundamental, in order to ensure its vision comes to life exactly as planned. Managing Director, Leonardo Herman tells us, “A clear vision of the overall project is fundamental. Whilst we maintain the big picture of the design, attention to detail and technical accuracy is also of utmost importance, hence, we make sure all our concepts and drawings adhere to high technical standards. Last but certainly not least, supervision of the construction and execution processes is equally vital.” Indeed, kiklos architects privileges quality over quantity. Its studio is purposely kept at a boutique scale so it can ascertain its designs meet its clients’ expectations of uniqueness and personalisation. Founder and principal architect, Grammatiki Zamani takes the time to personally listen to each clients’ requirements and visions, as well as oversees every project and detail. Another integral part of the business rests on its commitment towards the environment, its people and society, and to high standards of governance and business ethics. As signatories of the United Nations Global Compact, kiklos architects is committed to promoting sustainable economic development and socially responsible practices and policies, and to reporting on their implementation and outcomes for the business, stakeholders, and society. Guided by the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (, the firm continuously reviews and re-evaluates its practices and policies to contribute to a better world and to enable a brighter legacy for our children and generations to come. All of kiklos architects’ operating policies and Code of Ethics and Business Conduct are publicly available on its website, under the ‘ESG’ section. Ultimately, the UAE has always been a fantastic place for architectural design, with iconic buildings such as the Burj Khalifa and the Burj Al Arab speaking for themselves. Leonardo says, “We are very fortunate to be established in a region that values great, bold, unique designs. This is exactly what we like and what we offer.” Now focused on the future, kiklos architects is very excited about what’s in store for it in 2022. It has some very interesting studio developments and projects in the pipeline which can’t quite be revealed yet. Watch this space! Company: kiklos architects Email: [email protected] Website: K Best Boutique Architectural Design Studio - Middle East kiklos architects is a UAE-based boutique architectural design studio founded by its principal architect, Grammatiki Zamani, in 2020. The studio is deliberately limited in size to maintain the highest degree of input, customisation, and project supervision to its clients. As a result, it truly takes the time to understand its clients’ needs and aspirations in order to bring them to life. Join us as we learn more about this outstanding architectural firm.