Architecture Awards 2022

Architecture Awards 2022 BUILD 17 a whole and the professional designers that serve it.” Habitations has continued to serve their clients in this new landscape with the practiced experience and attention to detail that it has been operating with since its inception, guiding its clients by demystifying the home design process. Approaching the project as the consumer’s advocate, Habitations is creating relationships that endure well beyond the build. The client’s voice is paramount during the design and build process. Taking ownership of the project is approached more from the perspective of being given stewardship. The Habitations team works to create a more relaxed and informed decision process that minimizes “decision fatigue”. No two people are the same, and in like kind, no two projects are the same either. Each project reflects the unique personality of the client. Collectively, design projects provide vivid microcosms of the greater industry. Viewing them in this way, one can track the consistent evolution in trends, codes, education, skillsets, and more. Looking through the Habitations portfolio, one can see how Habitations fluidly incorporates these changes into the clients’ designs. Robert Platt and the Habitations team are doing far more than just designing homes. With a keen awareness of all that has been said to this point, they are working to create the design studio of this millennium. A studio that is accessible. A studio that is nimble and responds, rather than reacts, to change. A studio that recognizes the client’s concerns as they venture into some of the most important decisions of their daily lives. Because of this approach, Habitations has not survived the rigors of the pandemic, but has in fact thrived. Now, in parallel to the business of design, Platt and his team are working to improve the industry that has provided them so much. As an industry partner working with a state college, they co-created a new course specifically for residential design in today’s world. A course designed to encourage young creative minds to pursue a career in this field with greater academic latitude. On another track, they are launching a new streaming web series called “Nuhaus Knows”. This program is designed to educate the consumer by exposing them to the true world of home building using real projects and real clients in real time. Delivered on a platform of humour, Platt feels that “Laughter makes learning almost effortless”. These things, and so much more, are why Habitations received the recognition of Build Magazine. We encourage you to check them out. We’re certain you’ll see what we did. Company: Habitations Contact: Robert Platt Website: