Architecture Awards 2021

BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards 8 Apr21813 multidisciplinary firm licensed under the Ontario Association of Architects and Professional Engineers of Ontario, KBK Architects Inc. is both an architectural and an engineering firm carrying in-house work for all relevant disciplines, KBK Architects Inc. has developed a full-ser- vice and knowledgeable approach to serving its clients. KBK Architects Inc. assists its clients every step of the way, delivering great service and value in architecture, planning, residential and commercial design across all construction sectors and for a wide variety of clients. The emphasis on client care and unique design has led to consecutive Best of Houzz Service Awards in 2016, 2018, and 2020. Above all, it recognizes the need in architecture to deliver top quality and actionable designs, prioritizing public safety and the satisfaction of the customers. This genuine concern for its clients’ satisfaction has cultivated an environment wherein it is not happy until they’re happy, striving to maintain high levels of ethical and moral standards, as well as providing a guiding hand during the ideation phase to make a design unique and outstanding. It will also endeavour to consistently provide the best customer service when doing so, improving its methods and procedures, and turning its client’s dreams into realities. KBK Architects Inc. believes that Design and architecture have the power to make a difference in our society. Their passion is to design Best Architectural & Engineering Firm 2021 – Canada & Best Sustainable Architectural Design Project - IDA Place KBK Architects Inc. is an Ontario-based Architectural and Engineering firm that explores to shape current design trends by offering a sustainable and practical design experience to its clients, creating their dream homes across the Greater Toronto Area. Their vision is to change the industry’s opinion on green solutions and promote their use one project at a time, bringing research and beautiful design together, making a mark in its sector and not negatively impacting the environment. A so that each project has its own distinctive, outstanding style. KBK Architects Inc.’ client-oriented design approach will ensure that the client’s personality and specification is seamlessly incorporated, allowing for aesthetically stunning, practical, and sustainable builds that enhance the surrounding environment. So far, it has applied this methodology to over 1800 builds in the Greater Toronto Area, making its mark on its industry. It also has its own exempla- ry team of Structural and Mechanical engineers that work hand in hand with the Architectural and design team to achieve this. A great example of KBK Architects Inc.’s process is showcased in their latest project, Ida Place located in the heart of Markham. Its client firstly approached the firm for a demolition and recon- struction job, upon which a new Ultra-Modern Contemporary home was to be built, and after visiting, the design team fell in love with the surrounding area’s own natural grace, with stunning views of the pond and countryside, and knew that this project required a unique design. Ida place posed a unique set of challenges related to the environmental protection constraints the property had. KBK Architects Inc.’s Design team understood the importance of personalities in design. The client’s love of gardening and nature was incorporated into every facet of the plans by creating a floor plan that allowed unobstructed views of the landscape, letting out into a gorgeous countryside vista. KBK Architects Inc.