Architecture Awards 2021

7 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD In North America, the region in which HEUGHES operates, the construction industry is hugely driven by residential demand. This is primarily made the case by the amount of people migrating to Canada, all of whom require homes and workplaces; the more people that arrive, the more demand there is for construction, and the more construction there is, the more there is money funnelled into bettering the sector. Recently, this betterment has seen use in trying to lessen the environmental impact of its operations, which is something HEUGHES has made itself an expert voice in. In addition, it has made itself a pivotal part of keeping up with the increased demand on the sector that has become all the more pressing over the years, responding to a need for fast, economical, affordable housing projects – this combined with the current prevailing environmental concern has created a whole new era for the industry. Ergo, the market has found itself working more and more with high rise constructions, with more attention than ever paid to ecological factors. The certifications imposed upon the industry and the oversight regarding such elements has increased exponentially over the years – and whilst there is a lot of work still to do – overall, Canada’s construction world is better off for it. With necessary standards in place that must be met such as LEED, this is informing the development of these high rise constructions taking place in Toronto. Furthermore, these constructions projects and the current fervour for high rises as a solution to rising demand for housing is not forecasted to halt anytime soon. In the next 5 years, more than 700 high rise projects are planned for the greater Toronto are, developments which HEUGHES will be keeping a closely eye on, as it is aware of the importance of keeping abreast of growing and developing trends in a world where paradigms shift on the daily. Speaking of shifting paradigms, in order to accurately give a full picture of the recent market of any industry, one must touch on the impacts of Covid-19. The outbreak was a make or break moment for many businesses across a wide range of sectors, and a worldwide disaster, but it did not slow the Canadian residential housing market. This market segment and the companies found within it discovered that whilst adaptations had to be made for safety reasons, additional PPE enforced and client relations pivoting primarily online, the demand was just as healthy as ever for residential housing. Furthermore, the Canadian government designated the residential housing market an essential sector, meaning that HEUGHES has been providing its work to residential builds and projects throughout the onset and duration of the outbreak. The non-residential market was non-essential, but it is a far smaller subsection on the whole. HEUGHES also goes on to predict that, with the current rate of recovery taking place across industries and their core players, the non-residential sector will likely be well on the way to recovery and normalcy within the next few months. Construction has also been seeing a recent boom in terms of intermingling itself with modern technological developments. This, HEUGHES predicts, will only become more popular as time goes on and newer and bolder voices enter the industry, slowly replacing older companies with more traditional methodologies for something that integrates itself more seamlessly, creating a synergistic modern building. HEUGHES has been aided by many of its own technological partners so that it can ensure it is one such company bringing its industry forward into the future. At the moment, it is working on a new generation of products that it is certain will cause the necessary stir in disrupting the sector; smart, unitised curtain walls, and high performance, self-operating commercial doors. With the curtain wall in particular, these systems are capable of impressive, practical, and economic glaze solutions for both small – and large scale – multistorey buildings, withstanding the pressure of such environments. HEUGHES is capable in the provision of bespoke systems like this, and its clients can find in its work a continual dedication to meet the height of standards in its field at large as well as operating with their specifications in mind. In addition, it is also currently working on a new addition to its lines in the integration of new technology with smart building management. This innovation promises to make maintaining a building and streamlining necessary tasks that much easier, with a cloud based offering that allows for things such as automated workflows and dashboard-based overviews that will allow clients to get an at-a-glance picture of their building. All of this and more is promising to make the industry more efficient, more cost effective, and more advanced. A further benefit to such things being introduced can be seen in its new sliding doors product, something that will have appeal for HEUGHES’ customers in the much higher air and water performance than any existing products. It is very proud of what it has been able to achieve since its founding, and reassures its clients that this will not be last of its innovations either – with such passion and drive for shaping the modern reality of Canadian homes, it urges them to watch its space as it moves forward towards the rest of the decade. Moreover, it wishes to thank its team for making all of this possible. Each staff member across its multitude of departments continually impresses it with their hard work and dedication, supporting HEUGHES’ clients with empathic and capable customer service every single day. HEUGHES and its team look forward to continuing to prove itself worthy of the reputation it has earned for many more years as it pulls itself, and its clients, into the industry of tomorrow. Company: HEUGHES Canada inc. Contact: Korosh Faradpour Website: HEUGHES.CA