Architecture Awards 2021

9 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD This has allowed the firm to accrue a flawless track record and solid base of loyal customers for whom it is the go-to architectural firm. Furthermore, its team has a great variety of backgrounds in different styles and disciplines allowing KBK Architects Inc. to work well across a myriad of developments from ultra-modern styles to something more traditional, offering a fresh perspective and a new innovative approach. This setup works with the clients during the process to ensure that it can the project stays within their budget. Ida Place is full of front-running, green, exemplary solutions at every turn, such as the water features enhancing the air quality and the addition of so much greenery contributing fresh, clean airflow around the building. KBK Architects Inc. is also working on many more solutions in this area, forever committed to upping the sustainability, green energy potential, and performance of its buildings, developing concepts that will allow it to lead its sector into a brighter future that works in tandem with the environment instead of contributing to its destruction. Within buildings, the firm simulates the interaction between the internal environment of the building and the outside world to increase comfort and decrease carbon footprint, using con- cepts such as vertical farming and gardens. This goes hand in hand with its planning recommendations, soon to be joined by its vertical axis wind turbine idea – an innovative new energy storage solution – as well as its affordable wave generator and 3 continuous variable transmissions systems. Using supercomput- er and ANSYS simulation software, it is excited to see where this work takes it next, looking forward to taking its wider industry with it into the constructions of tomorrow. Company: KBK Architects Inc. Contact: Kyle Khadra Director, Principal Architect Member of the Ontario Association of Architects OAA Email: [email protected] Toll Free: 1 (800) 203-7010 Website: The floor plan was designed to incorporate a central atrium focus, bringing in light to all levels including the basement. The central atrium not only has an aesthetic feather, but it also acts as a natural temperature regulator in different seasons allowing perfect amount of light, humidity and ventilation in each season, the atrium is a prime example of the marriage of aesthetic beauty and functionality and green design. KBK Architects Inc. understood the value of natural vistas in urban settings and set out to maximize the enjoyment of the surround- ing elements. Ida place was designed to offer panoramic views to the pond and wooded land. The breathtaking exterior design uses cantilevered blocks on three sides of the building that show the excellence of engineering that has gone into the house. Throughout each and every facet of the project, KBK Architects Inc. makes it clear that a huge element of its business is its dedication to green design and ecological sustainability. Ida place shows that one does not have to sacrifice functionality and aesthetic beauty to achieve a more sustainable design. An annual energy consumption simulation was done for the building, and the performance of the building outperforms a conventional design by over 20%. Moreover, the firm’s unique client onboarding system has been developed by years of experience, starting with a ‘getting to know you’ questionnaire that allows KBK Architects Inc. insight into its clients’ goals and preferences. This and an ideation meeting allows the team to ensure it is meeting and exceeding its clients’ needs, catering to them with every element of the construction, and engaging in regular check-ins. Throughout, KBK Architects Inc. makes it clear that a huge elements of its business is its ded- ication to green design and ecological sustainability, knowing that the industry it is in has a lot of work to do to make itself better. Therefore, it seeks to lead from the front, and promote the use of sustainable technology in architecture. KBK Architects Inc. has therefore stepped up to the plate, recognizing growing demand and creating new processes and design features that serve a growing population whilst reducing environmental harm. KBK Architects Inc. has it all, capable of everything from Architectural, structure and mechanical work to plumbing and electrical services, and all of its teams work together flawlessly to allow for seamless builds and fast, exemplary project delivery.