Architecture Awards 2021

60 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards May21440 Residential Architecture Firm of the Year - Parana & Best Contemporary Residential Design Project (Brazil): Tomate Apartment NK Arquitetura is an architecture and interior design firm that builds more than walls. It is a company that creates spaces that put emphasis on the people who live within them, enhancing their lives for the better, pouring joy, dedication, and enthusiasm into every project. Therefore, with a myriad of different projects under its belt and many more on the way, it is reaching greater heights of excellence one client at a time. ver the years it has been in operation, NK Arquitetura has made itself a cornerstone of its industry in the building of over 75000 square metres, completing over 200 projects – a number that is steadily rising. In this manner, it has contributed to the development and modernization of over 15 different cities over 3 Brazilian states, helping to bring its region’s architecture industry into the future one construction at a time and shaping what the buildings of the future will look like. Fundamentally, its approach is to be able to find a common connection between architecture and people, integrating its width and breath of technical knowledge with its creative expertise and empathic sensibilities, applying it to developing projects that are stunning and meaningful. Additionally, it wishes to create spaces that reflect the individual. By truly getting to know the client, their goals, their motivations, and their personalities, it can develop projects that make the backdrop for some of life’s most pivotal moments, dedicated to meeting client requirements and exceeding their expectations. As well as form, however, NK Arquitetura also prizes its ability to create spaces that function. NK Arquitetura’s work will allow the client to achieve the goals of that space, as well as fitting perfectly around the rest of their livelihoods; its spaces will always compliment the lives within. O In 2020, such work saw it be awarded with many international recommendations and nominations that resulted in this award. Despite the challenge of the past year, NK Arquitetura is dedicated to continually striving to improve itself and its work – refusing to stagnate being a cornerstone to success in its industry – and happy to report that it is gradually growing larger in scale and in reach, accruing yet more international notoriety. Its team are dedicated, productive, and ambitious, working hard to deliver the best to its clients from the very first meeting right through to the end of the project, and checking in on them afterwards. Foremost, its team are interdisciplinary, allowing them a full and comprehensive view of their industry and allowing NK Arquitetura to provide for a wide variety of clients. For each individual client and project every team member brings something new to the table, providing invaluable insight and perspective into what could bring it to the next level, whether the construction in question is architectural, interior focused, residential, or commercial. Above all else, it prides itself on being contemporary, technically advanced, and creatively forward thinking. This has cultivated a desire to create architecture that keeps people at its heart and timelessness at its core, and due to its proven track record in creating beautiful and practical spaces, it found that it could pull through the pandemic with sophistication and diligence. Furthermore, during the course of the outbreak, it noticed that more people were turning inwards and wishing to reimagine their spaces; it was approached by new and regular clients alike in order to help them make their homes better reflective of themselves as people and better fits for the current paradigm. Spending so much more time inside meant that homes now need to lend themselves to being the operating hub for most of people’s lives. Work, socialisation, leisure, outdoor time in private spaces, NK Arquitetura has been working with its clients to make their houses work for each of these things, promoting better wellbeing across the board and excited to continue this work as it moves into the rest of the year. Company: NK Arquitetura Contact: Nicolle Nogueira Katherine Heim Weber Website: NK Arquitetura