Architecture Awards 2021

59 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best High-End Architectural Design Firm – Europe & Most Innovative Villa Project (Russia): Origami House “Progettiamo la tua passione” (“We design your passion”) is at the heart of Studio D73, whose value proposition lies in a tailor-made approach, research of fine and innovative details, and exclusive services combined with the needs and wishes of its clients. Based in Brescia, Italy, the company is also represented by its offices in Cyprus, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine, and develops projects worldwide. Since 2007, Studio D73 has designed hotels, spas, villas, luxury residences and sporting centres with Italian style, and products based on exceptional expertise and furniture design. It aims to develop a unique experience, establishing a deep relationship with the client and making their dreams come true, starting from a simple hand sketch all the way through to a representation which perfectly mirrors reality. From the beginning, Studio D73’s main focus has been the client, deeply exploring their needs and creating an empathetic relationship. The company is also well known for its precision: normally, its renders and 3D models adhere exactly to reality, and this aspect gives the clients a good feeling that they are in safe hands. Studio D73’s very efficient and dedicated team of professionals work intensely to show meticulously detailed drawings right away, to make sure the client completely agrees with the choices. After that, it follows the client’s wishes step by step, ensuring their complete satisfaction. The teams of architects, interior designers and 3D modellers have extensive experience in architecture and interior design and their work comes with a sense of Italian beauty and transforms spaces with elegance. The service they provide can be compared to a gift: they care about every single detail, from the present to the wrapping paper to the ribbon on top. One example of a Studio D73 project is the huge private villa it recently completed which has a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, although it was one of the most S challenging ones. The client chose a very classic style, so the company provided mosaics, marble with intricate detailing, boiserie, fine details and classic elements. The main difficulty was to ensure the best quality during execution and installation because the materials and products were by top Italian brands, and the team wanted perfection! The villa project had to be built from concept to turnkey construction and the company sometimes had to liaise with the professionals and the builders to explain what it wanted and to make sure that all the beauty was not affected by any mistakes. This also meant that it was present at the building site throughout the project, making sure that everything was done in the best possible way. At times, the effort to reach perfection is hard to achieve, but the results are always worth it. In terms of other projects, a new trend has become prominent during the pandemic. Most of Studio D73’s villas have a spa, a cinema room, a gym, and large outdoor spaces, and last year, clients began requesting that projects be developed in bigger sizes so that they could more effectively self-isolate and still enjoy all the features of the property. Also, fortunately, the company was not significantly affected by the pandemic due to its teams working in different parts of the world. This this time was taken as an opportunity to reflect, rethink, reorganise, and evaluate ways of working. Looking ahead, Studio D73 has big plans for the future, starting with the opening of a showroom in Limassol, Cyprus. It is developing an atelier where it will share its projects, designs and products with its clients, partners and friends. The idea is to welcome them to enjoy the beauty of Italian architecture, sharing experiences, culture, and special events. Furthermore, Studio D73 is enhancing its technological tools to ensure that its clients can have continuous and constant control of their construction site, which is documented and followed down to the smallest detail, step by step. The company strongly believes in technology and innovation: it applies the most advanced cutting-edge devices, always surprising its clients with the best available on the market. Company: Studio D73 Email: [email protected] Website: May21435 Studio D73