Architecture Awards 2021

61 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD May21571 Best Residential Design & Refurbishments Practice - South London & Most Anticipated High- End Residential Design Project (South London): Farnborough Park Residential projects form the heart of the work that Alamar Architects do, with an approach that prioritises the needs of regular people in everyday lives. Their designs are practical and effortless in equal measure, drawing the eye of commercial clients too. We take a closer look at this incredible firm, and some of the work that they do, in the light of their tremendous success in BUILD’s Architecture Awards. ome architects focus on houses for the extraordinary. Their attention is exclusively on those who can afford something avantgarde and exotic. For the team at Alamar Architects, the same level of quality and commitment to an exceptional project is brought to everyday people. The team focus on residential projects, such as new builds, extensions, loft conversions, conversions to flats and HMOs, with a side line in retail where they have been proud to work with some leading brands on an international scale. The team’s capacity means that they can offer a comprehensive solution to any design problem that might occur. The team offer everything from consultancies and reports through to project management of a new-build or refurbishment. Working across the nation, the team have built a name for themselves as a premier provider of incredible properties. That is why they have been able to branch out from the residential sector and into retail projects, where the team have worked with names such as the Inditex group and H&M group, owners of brands such as Zara and H&M respectively. The values that guide the team forward, and set them apart from the crowd start with a promise of outstanding design that is guided by sustainable architecture, and space efficiency. Like all great architects, the team create a dialogue between the often contrasting aspects of a property, in this case prioritising the light as well as the interior and exterior of a design. Some firms put their artistic vision first, but with Alamar Architects, the needs of the client, often specific and unique, come first and foremost every time. This is shown in one of the team’s latest projects, a high-end private residential development. Farnborough Park is a property nestled in the heart of a Natural Park, with incredibly strict conditions on its construction. The client has worked with another company who’s designs had been refused. Working closely with both the client and the management team, Alamar Architects S has been able to improve the design and move the process to further stages of development. If all goes well, the property will be completed by August. While this project has been in development, the firm has also worked on a residential block in London which had to be refurbished to stringent standards, including the redesign of the existing dwelling, which involved adding two new floor levels and a green roof and a Mosque in North London. This project was built around connected two adjoining buildings to meet user requirements and footfall demands. With millions going into its development, only the best will do. What ties together all of the firm’s projects is a need for intricate understanding and a great deal of research into the specific circumstances of a building. Many hours are spent improving the team’s knowledge so that they can be prepared for what is to come. No matter what the project, however, the team’s consistent methodology has ensured continual growth for the firm. There is always a design meeting to understand the project brief in full, sketching so that the client can understand potential issues, and then the use of the latest BIM software technology to create architectural drawings and 3D modelling. This offers a new perspective on a project, and the team at Alamar Architects are always looking for new ways to make a design concept easier for a client to understand. The world of architecture is incredibly broad, and the team at Alamar Architects embrace the broadness of what design work can entail. Through an approach which makes them responsive partners to all, they have achieved the remarkable. We celebrate that incredible success and look forward to what they do next. Company: Alamar Architects Ltd Name: Ali Alammar Email: [email protected] Web Address: