Architecture Awards 2021

42 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards May21093 Best Completed Hospitality Ceiling Illumination 2021: Kingpin Hotel Suite In the fast growing LED lighting industry, LEDCONN is one of the few companies who can provide lighting in material art form. Its focus is to form connections among people and lighting to enhance the human experience. Its philosophy is founded on its core values: passion, respect, integrity, innovation, and family. By applying LED edge-lit and backlit solutions, LEDCONN can ultimately satisfy any custom sign or lighting need. Serving environments spanning from retail (Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, CVS, Sony, Gap, Sephora) to commercial spaces, such as exhibition (California Science Center, Smithsonian NMAAHC) and architecture (Joliet Tree, Shanghai Bellagio Hotel, Connexion Burbank, Concentric Luminance at the Perimeter Mall, LAX Airport Terminal Stairwell, Galaxy Theaters), it strives to help clients gain market awareness and maintain a reputable brand through innovation, ingenuity, and creativity. ince opening in 2001, Palms Casino Resort has become a hot spot for celebrities and an icon of Las Vegas. Popular TV shows such as MTV’s “Real World” and music videos such as Katy Perry’s “Waking up in Vegas” have featured the Palms on-screen, taking advantage of its glitzy appearance. Nearly 20 years later, the hotel is getting a facelift to continue elevating its glamorous appeal with a $620 million renovation. The Kingpin Suite in particular is among the hotel’s most luxurious rooms and is often booked to host fun, entertaining parties. The vision was a 70s influenced makeover to attract more guests with an eclectic melange of funk, soul, and retro- infused glamour – think “Boogie Nights” meets Mid Century Modern revival. Entertainment appeal and retro glamour are the main themes permeating this luxury suite replete with two private professional bowling lanes, bowling shoes, bowling balls, and mid-century themed furniture and fixtures throughout. While retro is the stylistic goal, the designers behind this project were thinking along modern lines and carefully selected every detail for sustainability and energy efficiency, especially with regard to the selected LED lighting fixtures. The designers wanted to create a glamorous, linear bronze metal mesh ceiling spanning from the bowling alley to the in-suite bar. A large oversize oval shape illuminates the bar area and a series of rectangles cascade down the bowling alley, creating a luxurious and warmly illuminated focal point. A combination 167 full and cut sheets of LUXFLEX LED flexible sheets were customised on-site to fit the unique oversize, oval-shaped ceiling design. The flexible and cuttable nature of the product provided great flexibility and allowed the product to curve to the oval shape. In addition to the oval-shaped ceiling fixture, 12 LUXFIT LED light panels were also chosen to illuminate rectangular bronze metal structures mounted above the bowling alley. Together, these two types of luminaires create ample illumination and a chic, retro aesthetic. LEDCONN tries to get as involved as early on in the specification phase of projects as possible. As a custom LED lighting solutions provider, it really works hand in hand as the engineering brain behind the creative vision of the design firms it works with. Its design partners carry the vision and LEDCONN helps make their vision a physical reality. It also understands that the specification to the installation process can become very convoluted and confusing S with so many different parties involved over a period of time; LEDCONN’s forte is being able to help streamline the entire process for everyone involved so that the project moves as smoothly as possible – it prides itself in being able to manage communications up and down stream across all moving parts very efficiently. Once a design has been created, it will usually recommend a mock-up design to ensure the quality and success of the final project. With over 13 years of experience customising LED lighting for many types of commercial projects, LEDCONN is very experienced in knowing what is and isn’t achievable with its products, and every single time a mock-up is requested, it finds it always helps build confidence in the final outcome of the project. When installation day approaches, depending on the nature of the project and product selected, LEDCONN is unique in that it works with the contractors to help them understand how to manage the installation. It makes the process as easy as possible for them by providing electrical and wiring diagrams that clearly explain how to organise the product and wire them to one another. It may even send out an engineering team to help onsite depending on the complexity of the chosen product or project. At the end of the day, it wants its customers and partners to feel well taken care of. It understands lighting can be very confusing, and so it sees itself as expert gurus who exist to serve and facilitate the smoothest spec-to-install process for its customers. The company even provides aftercare support with the purchase of its products because it knows it is important to be available to its customers even after the job is finished. LEDCONN is the engineering genius behind the impressive installation, but the creative genius is accredited to the designers: Architect – Rockwell Group Interior architect – Klai Juba Wald Lighting design – KGM Architectural Lighting Also involved in the project were: Contractor – The Penta Building Group Distributor – Crescent Electric Supply L.V. Manufacturer rep – Pacific Lighting LEDCONN Company: LEDCONN Contact: Charlene Song Email: [email protected] Website: