Architecture Awards 2021

43 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best Architectural Design & Home Renovation Specialists - London & Home Counties & Best Completed Edwardian Home Renovation Project (London): Roseneath Road With design and construction working in such close tandem, having these elements handled by separate companies can sometimes cause issues in a build, from conflicts of design to conflicts of schedule. With Alpex Architecture however, this is not the case; it is both a design and construction firm, and handles both ideation and realization flawlessly, ensuring both are achieved to the highest of standards in its industry. n architecture studio that is quickly making itself a darling of industry, Alpex Architecture is a relatively young company that was founded in 2010. Created by founder Laura Petruso, it has accumulated international renown by working for projects all across the globe, from private residential projects to mixed-use developments at an urban scale – all the while keeping to a set of hard and fast values that forge the beating heart of the business. First and foremost, ambition is the cornerstone of them all. This influences where the founder seeks to push the business next, forever looking towards the next milestone and accruing yet more support wherever it works, showing with every element of its operation how the rest of its principles guide its hand. Place making is another one such value. Fundamentally, this specifically pertains to its dedication when it comes to putting places on the map, making them stand out in their region as an example of good design for residences. It also puts particular emphasis on its high production values, its common sense when it comes to ideation and implementation, and its coherence when it comes to delivering its work – Alpex Architecture is also particularly good at gauging the appropriateness of a particular style or design for a region, as well as its sustainability. All of these elements, working in tandem with each other, allow Alpex Architecture to consistently go above and beyond client expectations. In general, the challenges it has faced come into play when implementing a design. Often, the initial ideation phase is more about getting the know the client, familiarising itself with their goals and vision, but construction is where it takes great pains to see every one of these elements realised. It has previously found difficulties when it comes to finding main contractors for a single residential unit residential project, letting it reach a level of detail that allows it to differentiate itself from just another residential space. Throughout working with a client, it wishes for its pieces to be architectural spaces. Thus, it has developed a keen sense when judging the efficacy of contractors, and for choosing the right people to work with. A Alpex Architecture has by consequence accumulated a solid network of contractors who it trusts to realize its client’s visions, working in partnership with them to make each project the best it can be, and not resting until the client is completely satisfied. The key to the excellence that it has accrued over time is in understanding its clients needs throughout. In this way, it has made itself flexible and adaptable, checking in with the client throughout the process in order to collate and adapt to feedback, making the space a true reflection of the client’s wishes. Foremost, the founder is a perfectionist; a passionate architect who only wishes to deliver the best work to the best standards of customer service. To Alpex Architecture, it doesn’t matter what the project is, it only matters that its work can create it perfectly to the letter of the client’s wishes, taking challenges on with vigour and enthusiasm with a top-notch team of problem solvers. Happily, Alpex Architecture reports that the architecture industry has really not stopped over the course of the pandemic, and it has been working with its customers on projects that they cannot yet start until finances are more stable, empathetic to the financial burden faced by many over the past year or so. With many exciting projects to come – including a small contemporary house in a conservation area, and 5 residential unit development – Alpex Architecture is looking forward to a bright future, one that will see its aptitude for design, technical creation, and construction only grow. Company: Alpex Architecture Limited Contact: Laura Petruso Website: May21106 Alpex Architecture Limited