Architecture Awards 2021

41 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD May21095 Best European White Oak Flooring Supplier - USA A flooring creation company that sells the best quality European white oak to be found in its market, SIMPLY OAK™ has worked hard to cultivate client trust, and is forever striving to better itself. As the demand on its services increased, so did its seriousness about ethical production, resulting in a business that only works in sustainable production, with a particular emphasis on green energy, adapting its traditional operation for a modern world. IMPLY OAK™ is a company supplying exemplary, quality flooring to its clients, providing European white oak to take luxury homes, commercial and hospitality projects to the next level of quality. It only works with the finest materials when sourcing its oak – sourcing from mills that use traditional crafting methods and sustainable production practices, conscientious of being just as dedicated to service of the environment as it is to serving its clients. Foremost, its team are experts in their fields, able to advise clients on oak interiors, architecture using the material, how builders can best lay or install the planks, and, most importantly, helping clients to realize the vision they wish to see brought to life. SIMPLY OAK™ knows that each client is unique, and that therefore each project is unique, requiring different specifications and adaptations. SIMPLY OAK™ strives to meet each one of these with its dedication to excellence and customer service in mind, reassuring clients of the standard of its products with its FSC® and PEFC™ certifications, as well as in keeping a commitment to attention to detail that is paid to even the most minute element of an order. No matter what a customer wishes the oak to be used for, it will find a way to make it work, and create beautiful, dramatic results that enhance the overall style of the construction. Victoria Player, the founder, is the mind behind these founding principles. In never allowing these to waver and keeping them staunch in her mind, she has made SIMPLY OAK™ the best supplier of the material it works with, making it available for all manner of projects and constructions, and serving builders, designers, architects, and homeowners themselves. Above all else this is emboldened by the motto that forms a through line in its business’ operations: ‘SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL. SIMPLY NATURAL. SIMPLY OAK.™. This phrase embodies everything that it wishes to contribute to the market. Furthermore, it has applied itself worldwide to show its market segment the truth behind the words, currently working on the Jio World Centre in Mumbai, an area of over 8.7 million square feet that promotes arts, food, fashion, culture, and entertainment. SIMPLY OAK™ has been family owned and operated since its inception. This, amongst its dedication to exemplary business practice, has allowed it to accrue not just renown for its work, but trust amongst its market segment, as the business values that it has thrived with since 1905 still remain to this day, forging S the pillars of the current organization that was introduced in 1952. All of its materials have been custom made to order, created by master craftspeople in Schijndel in the Netherlands and produced from raw lumber to finished boards, available in an array of 80 different colours across 4 different thicknesses. Furthermore, it has been installed across 60 different countries, in both residential and commercial spaces, even earning the ‘Best Dutch’ wooden floor producer award from 2017-2018. With a large warehouse, a dedicated team, and 9 dryers – 8 conventional kiln dryers and 1 vacuum – it ensures everything that it produces holds up to its rigorous standards of quality testing, keen to continually prove itself to its clientele and grow further. This reassures its clients that whilst it is proud of its history and holds to the traditions that formed its roots, it is also keen to adapt and grow, looking for new ways to serve the market and be more environmentally sustainable. It even invites prospective clients to visit its factory and bio-energy plant to see its ethical green work for themselves, excited to show more clients around as the world recovers from the pandemic. Company: SIMPLY OAK™ Contact: Victoria Player Website: TM TM