Architecture Awards 2021

27 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best Architecture & Real Estate Development Firm - Northern Portugal & Best Completed Residential Development Project (Northern Portugal): Box XL Houses An architecture, real estate, and construction company with decades of experience, Zegnea is a group creating stunning, modern residential builds in its region. Over the time it has been in operation, it has worked on several prestigious projects, and is confident that many more will be following in the future as it earns the trust of yet more clients. he Zegnea Group was started in the year 2008, but its roots go far beyond this. The legacy of Zegnea began in 1965 with the Blonorte Foundation in Tabuadelo, Guimarães, evolving into the building of its headquarters in 1970, the creation of the Zegnea Group in 2008, and then its continued expansion and success. This has given it not only a fresh face and new lease of life in the modern industry, but allows it to draw on decades of shared experience in where the industry has been before, having seen trends come and go and design priorities shift with the cultural context around it. Fundamentally, the formation of Zegnea meant for the integration of Zegnea architecture and Zegnea real estate work, bringing all of its solutions under the same roof. This was done to allow Zegnea to offer a fully comprehensive service to its clients, one that can see them from start to finish in the creation and securing of their dream homes – and something it has become renowned for over time. It encourages clients to look through its portfolio and to let it show them how it may be of help. In terms of architecture, it shines in the style of urbanism, with modern and clean designs with well balanced lines that work amazingly with the surrounding environment. In this way, it has created apartments, private homes, institutional equipments, and even rehabilitated old buildings. In tandem with all of this is Zegnea’s studies and competition work; its studies include its SM House, a residential build in Urgezes, the Black Box Hood the covered 3415 square metres, and the HO.OF study, residential apartments in Guimarães. Meanwhile, its competition work boasts a hotel-school, a creation put forward for the City Hall of Guimarães in 2019. This should give somewhat of a view into Zegnea’s vast array of proficiencies and professional capabilities, all of which allow for architecture, construction, and real estate development to be conducted flawlessly, making it the one stop shop for its clients. In addition, it takes great pride in being able to handle all the necessary elements of projects within these categories, and those that span more than one of them – Zegnea has made T itself an expert on architecture elaboration, management, coordination, execution, aesthetic design, and build. All of the aforementioned operations will be carried out to the highest standards and with the most rigorous quality specifications. Characteristically, Zegnea’s work is recognisable by its elegance, simplicity, and sophistication; it values the material it uses as well as the end product, putting in all necessary effort so that it can go above and beyond client specifications. This has been especially prevalent in its Box XL Houses constructions. These innovative design and architecture solutions are a seven-house development, arranged to work in synergy with the surrounding environment. In the ideation stages, the prevailing goal was to create something that had balance between the constructed and the natural, and between the mass and the void, meshing antagonist concepts to create something that stood out, and yet didn’t take away from the area around it. A practical – as well as beautiful – space, it is one level of living space with a garage underneath, containing the entrance and storage area, accessible from a private road that was built in tandem with the houses themselves. All in all, it has been incredibly effective in this way, and like all of its creations, has propelled Zegnea’s name further into notoriety as it becomes a household name in its region. Company: Zegnea Grupo Contact: Hugo Lobo Website: Apr21747 Zegnea Grupo