Architecture Awards 2021

26 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards The designers will then use their years of experience to communicate their vision to the client. The notes collection from the initial consultation and pre-design meeting are now brought to life by the Urbane Design team in the form of concept boards, floor plans and detailed CAD drawings. This is the team’s opportunity to align on the direction of the project, both functionally and aesthetically. The next stage of the process is the client presentation where, after all parties have agreed on the design concept, the Urbane Design team will present to the client the final selections that are meant for longevity and sustainability – everything from furniture to light fixtures, finishes and paint colour. The goal is to offer selections that match the client’s style while minimising their home’s carbon footprint. After that, the Urbane Design team works with a network of general contractors to receive bids from each and present the client with a comprehensive breakdown of options, which helps them to make the most information decision for their home. The Urbane Design team manages all phases of construction with a minimum of one site visit per week, keeping the client updated along the way. Finally, the team cares deeply about exceeding its clients’ expectations. A final walk-through of the project takes place between the client, Urbane Design and the general contractor. The client is able to inspect their home with a fine-toothed comb so that the final outcome is what they imagined and more. Ultimately, Urbane Design’s in-depth highly creative and innovative process provides a seamless experience for each of its clients and a stunning, sustainable home as a result. The firm truly believes in great design and that it is more than just following trends, but rather the blending of styles and elements to create beautiful rooms that could only belong to each individual and which benefit their wellbeing as well as the planet. Company: Urbane Design Contact: Jessica Love Email: [email protected] Web: Apr21715 Most Versatile Construction Project Practice – Texas Based in Austin, Texas, award-winning Urbane Design is a full-service interior design firm which specialises in new home construction, remodels and furniture. Its collaborative process creates interiors that empower clients to become the best version of themselves – at home and beyond. rbane Design’s clients do not fit with a particular mould, and neither should their homes. The firm approaches interior design from an entirely individualised standpoint. It does not design based solely on trending styles – it considers all of the things that make its clients unique and designs their spaces using a perfect blend of contemporary and recycled pieces. If it chooses brand new materials, it focuses on selections that will endure daily use for years. When possible, it breathes new life into antique furniture, art and accessories. This process is not the easiest, but it results in a sustainable space that inspires, empowers and delights. The firm’s solid reputation has been built one project at a time by carefully listening to clients’ needs, working within their budget and creating breath-taking homes that reflect their lifestyles. Urbane Design works with the client to design a look catered to their specific needs and wants, as well as enhance the overall function and impact of a space. From concept to completion, the Urbane Design team are innovators offering project management, full project coordination and quality assurance. They focus on the project specifics, making the design process fun and stress-free. Whether the client’s budget is modest or lavish, Urbane Design specialises in designing and personalising the space of its clients’ dreams, within their timeframe, and to suit their specific lifestyle needs. The process begins with an initial consultation where Urbane Design meets the client in-person to get to know each other, discussing their lifestyle, budget, goals and needs for the design. It values client relationships and knows that the best conversations happen face to face, with the findings from this consultation laying the foundation of a successful project. The design agreement will follow this, where the designers take their notes from the meeting to begin planning the project out. Organisation and detail are at the heart of everything Urbane Design does. Urbane Design loves to collaborate with its clients. Following the planning of the project, the designers will hosts a pre-design meeting with the client to discuss specific visions they have for the project; photos, websites, Instagram feeds and magazine clippings are all welcome. From here, the design team is ready to take the client’s vision and manifest it. They compare these inspirations with the notes gathered in the initial consultation to influence the overall design concept. They will also take measurements of the project area for use later on. U