Architecture Awards 2021

28 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards Apr21760 Best Luxury Corporate Interior Design Services - London Spot This Space is a corporate and private interior design service operating in London, providing full service or consultancy-based design project management. It strives to make each space the best it can possibly be, both with outstanding design work that reflects the client and their goals, and with a dedication to working with them that turns Spot This Space into an invaluable business partner. abrielle Omar is a leading mind in the field of interior design. Her work, over the past years, has accrued significant notoriety, and with Spot This Space it is no different; Gabrielle works with a highly effective team of creative, brilliant individuals, each of them being specialists in their own rights. Each of them brings something new to the team as it serves a myriad of different corporate and private clients in London. Designing and delivering award-winning, stunning, and yet practical areas for its clients, Spot This Space has proven itself capable in the delivery of spaces from homes to marketing suites and retail spaces, allowing its clients access to a full package that launches and successfully sells a luxury development. Fundamentally, these factors are what its clients laud as exemplary about it. With all of the above and its unwavering dedication to a client-focused mindset, its work is aimed to fit seamlessly around what a client wants, working to their requirements and combining luxury aesthetics with timeless fashion. This, therefore, means Spot This Space’s work results in spaces that will withstand the changes, trends and shifting paradigms of its industry, making the design one that will remain contemporary and energised for decades. All in all, it is the complete package. Spot This Space boasts an architectural background, a fresh interior design approach, and a breadth and depth of knowledge that is second to none when it comes to marketing and public relations knowledge. Nominally, this is invaluable to the kind of client that it usually finds itself in contact with, both in order to create their dream space and to be able to market it appropriately – something its high-profile clientele appreciate greatly. In tandem with all of this, it prizes its ability to work in tandem with an office’s team, working quickly, empathically, and efficiently; this facilitates its ability to get an insight into the brief, the USP, and the key requirements, allowing Spot This Space to kick ideation off with enthusiasm. It will always respond to such things with energy, professionalism, and flexibility, open to comments, concerns, and critiques throughout the process. G Additionally, it can manage a project in an exemplary fashion. It offers this both on a wholesale basis, taking the project on in its entirety, or on a design consultancy basis, always angling to serve the client in manner that suits them the best above all else. With all this in mind, it aims to design, deliver, and create award-winning spaces that its clients adore, combining both luxurious aesthetic opulence and spaces that are entirely fit to purpose, with both the client and their goals in mind. Consequentially, Spot This Space has grown into a respected provider of bespoke interiors, one with an outstanding portfolio of past work that perfectly shows both its stylistic sensibilities and its range of capabilities. Its proficiencies are not just in type of space, but also in the range of creative materials and innovative techniques it uses. This is something its team have worked hard to cultivate, with RIBA chartered architects having a wealth of experience covering a variety of projects from show homes to marketing suites, concierges, gyms and offices to retail spaces. As a final word, it is always electrified by a challenge. Spot This Space encourages all prospective clients to peruse its portfolio and get in touch, excited to see what the future will bring it and raring to go to realize the design dreams of its next clients. Company: Spot This Space Contact: Gabrielle Omar Website: