Architecture Awards 2021

23 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD Best Specialist 3D City Models Supplier - UK The world of 3D modelling has transformed the way in which buildings are designed, offering architects, researchers, urban planners and developers new options in a digital world. Following their success in BUILD’s Architecture Awards, we take a look at the team from AccuCities, to see how they have been able to supply custom 3D context models of sites located almost anywhere in the UK and Ireland, with the ability to work anywhere in the world. stablished in 2017, this London-based 3D mapping agency has rapidly become the supplier of choice to numerous parties in the architecture industry. The team has captured an impressive library of different CAD city models, designed to have an accuracy of up to 15cm. With a collection that combines 3D models of cities such as London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Detroit and Dublin, AccuCities can add an element of accurate context to a project at the proposal stage. By design, AccuCities offers a service that is very customer- focused. Much of the team’s work comes from returning customers who have incredibly strict requirements for the quality of their 3D models. They depend on the highest quality of accurate models to conduct their work to the high standards they set for themselves. Over the years, AccuCities has been proud to deliver over 1,900 projects, with 3D context models for projects ranging from single-story house extensions to landmark skyscrapers. The AccuCities approach, therefore, embraces the challenge of delivering 100% accurate data every single time. The information that the team captures is quick, cost-effective and easily implemented into a format that customers can use in their production pipeline. The use of digital 3D models has E been a major benefit to many people over the last year and a half as it has enabled work to continue on various projects without the need for a physical site visit. The need for 3D city models is nothing new, but what sets AccuCities apart is its ability to capture models with a level of detail and accuracy that is second to none. The team can capture 3D city models of major cities as well as small and medium-sized 3D models for architecture and planning all over the UK. In fact, their service offering has just reached the US as the team complete the capturing of their first overseas model. This has proven that the firm is more than capable of capturing the image of any major US city to the same high standards as their UK counterparts. The world of digital models has become increasingly popular over the last few years, and the architectural and building industry has seen a major period of growth in an incredibly short period of time. The advancement of 3D imagining during the UK’s planning processes has created even more of a market for the services that AccuCities offer. The team’s incredible adaptability and attention to detail have been key to securing success. Moving forward, it’s clear that the firm will be forced to continue updating and upgrading the quality of its models. To this end, the team has just completed the texturing process of their 3D London model. This new dataset, already used by its data subscribers, will allow customers to see their proposed designs in an environment which is much more recognisable to the general public. When it comes to the work that AccuCities does, they provide an extra dimension to the architecture industry. Their work is always of the highest calibre, by a team who are happy to go above and beyond in order to thrive. We celebrate their incredible success and look forward to seeing how their projects will continue to push the industry forward. Company: AccuCities Name: Michal Konicek Email: [email protected] Web: Apr21697