Architecture Awards 2021

24 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards Apr21675 Architectural Visualisation Specialists of the Year 2021 - Australia The world of architecture takes on another dimension for clients who turn to Budde Design. The team have made their name in the creation of beautiful rendered images that give a new perspective to the projects their clients wish to undertake. We dig a little deeper into their work, following their incredible success in BUILD’s Architecture Awards 2021. he world of architecture revolves around the design of 3D spaces, but often it’s difficult to fully visualise the concept of a project in situ from 2D plans. While previously detailed drawings might be produced, or physical models, the world of 3D modelling has opened the door to a whole new world of possibility, one which the team at Budde Design have capitalised on. In relatively little time, Budde Design has become Australia’s leading rendering studio, transforming beautiful design concepts into complete ideas that can showcase the potential of a project. The team serve the whole country, offering 3D architectural visualisation, 3D rendering services, artist impressions, photo realistic imaging, 2D colour floor plans and 3D floor plans marketing images. For architectural firms, developers and building companies, to name but a few, they are a major help when it comes to sharing the story of what they produce. The team’s high-quality 3D images are created to precise measurements, matching exactly what has been specified in detailed floor plans and elevation. The team can add whatever colour and material you want so you can get a real sense of how a building will look. Often, clients want to narrow down their options for external appearances before construction begins T and the work that Budde Design offers is precisely the right tool for the job. These images are also perfect for any marketing material that might need to be produced. With 3D modelling, the team can offer services that go above and beyond when it comes to visualising how a project will turn out. One of the firm’s latest, but most popular, additions is 360-degree rendering. This gives customers an astonishingly impressive user experience that goes far beyond still images. Advanced modelling techniques allow the team to present a room in the finest detail as though you were in it. Users can look around at their leisure, exploring it in every detail. This move towards house viewing solutions that are significantly more interactive has transformed the industry. Through the use of constantly evolving technology, the team at Budde Design have been able to really open up the potential of a house, exploring how it will look and anticipating any challenges that might arise before a single brick is laid. For home builders, architects and developers, the opportunities are truly tremendous. Lying at the very centre of this highly complicated service is an attention to detail that is truly exceptional. No two customers are the same, and so neither are two projects. Thanks to the careful client-centric approach that the team has always championed, they have been able to deliver projects that are second-to-none in the industry. Unlike other companies, this is a firm that is happy to deliver successive drafts until the job is completed to everyone’s satisfaction, with no project being too big or small for their highly detailed treatment. Technology is going to play an enormous part in our lives, and the world of architecture is no exception. The work completed by the Budde Design team sets the stage for a whole new world to come and transform the industry, opening new and exciting prospects to designers the world over. Company: Budde Design Name: Nathan Budde Email: [email protected] Web Address: