Architecture Awards 2021

22 BUILD 2021 Architecture Awards Apr21698 Leading Sustainable Design Project of the Year 2021 - Latin America & Best Advisory Architecture Studio - Latin America The world of architecture is filled with new ideas that are perpetually inspiring to those in the industry. The team from SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica are one of those which is always on the lookout for the next big concept. Working in architectural, interior, and sustainable design, they have achieved tremendous success in BUILD’s Architecture Awards 2021. We take a closer look at the firm to see how they have been able to deliver such a tremendous triumph. ll architectural firms want to create something that stands apart from the crowd, but for the team at SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica, quality is very much their watchword. No matter what the project, or who the client is, they are always looking to deliver something that elevates their work to the next level. They do this through taking a holistic approach and considering how a building might impact on the environment both visually and practically. The studio offers many services, and is able to produce comprehensive solutions that incorporate sustainable design, advisory support and building rehabilitation. Each brings with it a unique set of skills that is a major boon to any project. In terms of sustainability, the team design projects that are friendly to the environment, that adapt to the characteristics of the specific surroundings, and can therefore provide interior comfort and energy savings throughout the duration of their lifetime. The key to success has been the use of passive techniques, carefully utilising what is already there. This, complemented by alternative technologies, has inspired some truly wonderful designs that have transformed the industry. Of course, the team’s knowledge in this sustainability field makes them the ideal advisors on a wide range of building projects as well. The SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica team are frequently called in to ensure that designs comply with sustainability and bioclimatic parameters. Where it is appropriate, they can provide the vital strategies that fit the individual needs of the place, guaranteeing the comfort of each project and the provision of energy savings throughout a building’s lifetime. These two aspects of the firm ensure that they are always in demand, but the big key to a thriving business is to ensure that their projects always stand out from the rest. With an approach that embraces the potential of the environment, and how a building can interact and relate to it, they offer a service that is almost unique in the region. The team mainly use passive strategies to maintain ventilation, lighting and temperature A control, and the materials selected are usually those of the area. This has an enormous impact on the carbon footprint is less, as well as the amount of energy consumed during the build process and the lifetime of the building. The construction industry has been affected dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic, and this has changed the way in which people think about living. The priorities of communities have changed, with people considering the importance of open spaces and green areas. This shift towards a more sustainable lifestyle is perfectly in tune with what the team at SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica are doing, and no doubt will continue to lead the way for the industry at large. There are new dynamics at play which will hopefully lead to a better and brighter future for all. The team at SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica are always considering what is yet to come. For the studio, they hope to make it recognised and renowned for its work and quality, differentiating itself through its environmental awareness. Success for this firm, therefore, does not just come from fame and fortune – it comes from making a material difference to people’s lives. Company: SAB Arquitectura Bioclimatica Name: Sara Gonzalez Email: [email protected] Web Address: