Architecture Awards 2021

21 2021 Architecture Awards BUILD May21694 Best Period Buildings Architecture & Interior Design Service - South East England Renowned for brilliance in its field when it comes to presentation, design, and construction work, Alice Poole Architects’ work allows clients to create their dream space. Thanks to a proven track record of excellence, with examples of its work popping up in many places around its regions of operation and many more to come, it has carved out its niche in a competitive market segment. y working in the interplay between light and shape, and colour and texture, Alice Poole Architects has made a name for itself in the creation of architectural creations and interior design. Fundamentally, it seeks to create unique, imaginative, high quality environments that maintain the client’s requirements and specifications as the driving force behind the build, all the while applying its own distinctive eye and resulting in something truly stunning. By working with spatial theories of design, and the balancing of the initially mentioned factors, Alice Poole Architects has secured itself as a household name in its industry – one that has stuck with industry professionals and its market segment alike. Foremost, Alice Poole Architects offers a full-service experience to its clients. By handling both full architecture and interior design, it can fully realize and create a space for a client that is perfect for them in form, function, and all other aspects. Moreover, thanks to its vast array of proficiencies across a myriad of different clients and projects, it has proven itself highly capable in both domestic and commercial work, taking a client on a journey from ideation to competition and being staunchly enthusiastic all the while. Its clients appreciate the way it keeps them in the loop throughout the build, offering project management services that take the stress completely off of them and allow a client the option of having as much or as little engagement with the process as they like. All types of build, all types of client, and all manner of specifications are welcomed by Alice Poole Architects – it is invigorated by a challenge, and its highly capable team can rise to any new task with diligence and efficacy. Furthermore, it welcomes the idea of working on a client’s extension, alteration, or refurbishment in an existing building, forever honoured to be given the chance to revitalise a client’s space and make it fit their dynamic, busy lives. As the former points show, when it comes to work on a project, it will always work with care; this is especially true when it comes to working on builds that are in listed buildings or conservation areas, conscious of treading lightly and showing respect to the surrounding area. Although it has its own distinctive way of working, Alice Poole Architects does not work to a specific house style. Crucially, this is to ensure that it can treat each build as the individual B and one-of-a-kind project that it is, constantly keeping in mind that no client is the same – and so neither will two projects by the same. Every build will require different specifications, different focal points, and different balances of those critical elements of light, shape, texture, and colour, cultivating a space that perfectly fits itself to the personal aesthetics, goals, and sensibilities of a client. Consequentially, Alice Poole Architects believes in the principles of the arts and crafts movement, and the Bauhaus movement, using both in interior design to achieve an affect that focuses great attention to even the most minute detail. This creates stimulating environments every time, ones that enthral the senses and never cease to impress. Alice Poole herself studied at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, obtaining a Bartlett Prize and a First-Class degree certificate – all of which informed her decision to start Alice Poole Architects in 1984, and set her on a path to further renown. Alice Poole Architects has since been a part of over 650 projects, and is well known all over the British Isles, Holland, France, and Italy, planning to continue making its mark on its industry as it looks forward to the rest of the decade. Company: Alice Poole Architects Contact: Alice Poole Website: