Architecture Awards 2020

99 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20281 Best Boutique Multidisciplinary Architecture Firm 2020 - Wanaka, New Zealand Eli š ka Lewis Architects is a small boutique firm that is using advanced, 3D rendering technology to get ahead in the industry. Under the leadership of Eli š ka Lewis, they have embraced big challenges and overcome them, all while remaining true to their small, boutique style. nyone who’s ever worked on a project with a large company can tell you the worry of being lost in the corporate machine, of becoming just another job on the conveyor belt. Conversely, small, boutique firms can give a rewarding customer experience. This is exactly the kind of service Eli š ka Lewis Architects delivers – incredible builds tailored to each client with the help of some nifty software. The role of an architecture firm working on residential projects is to make the customer’s dreams a reality. Of course, when someone is paying to have their perfect home built, their dreams tend to be big. This is where Eli š ka Lewis Architects have been flourishing, getting some incredibly complex and beautiful projects under their belt. Working out of Wanaka, New Zealand, there are some absolutely astounding views for custom, bespoke homes to take full advantage of. A recent project of the award-winning architect firm challenged them to do just that. The client stood adamantly by the phrase, “Don’t let the house get in the way of the view, it’s all about the view.” Designing giant windows and modelling the house primarily out of large expanses of glass is easy enough until you start considering energy and heat loss. Eli š ka Lewis Architects had to find ways to optimise the home in the mountainous environment and maintain a maximum level of ceiling and wall insulation wherever possible. They methodically planned to contain mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services within dropped ceiling areas and bulkhead systems, incorporating them beautifully into the architecture. The result of the hard work and problem solving is a modern home with absolutely stunning views across the New Zealand mountains from every room. There are many ways to solve a problem, but Eli š ka Lewis Architects has found a way to utilise 3D rendering software to create a holistic, problem-solving approach. They use ARCHICAD computer aided design (CAD) and BIMx software, which features Hypermodel, a technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. The company use this to bridge the gaps between themselves, the customers and the construction workers. Eli š ka Lewis Architects works through the brief with the customer, rendering it in the software so there is a visible and interactive design that ensures all parties have a clear outline of the goals for the project. They consider the unique set of design parameters that come with each project, including the site itself, and manage the customer’s investment budget. A Not only is this a great way to get a customer onboard with their designs and keep everyone’s ideas aligned, but the software becomes indispensable on the building site. It generates real-time cutaways for viewing the construction details and measurements, for use by the workers on the site. It can also be utilised for the creation of steelworks and foundations, as any clashes between earthwork, structural or mechanical services will already have been resolved in the app. Going forward, Eli š ka Lewis Architects hope to be able to incorporate more renewable techniques into their projects. Many of the design principles that can make this happen are not expensive, and simply require forward thinking and proper planning. However, this understanding isn’t widespread among their clients. The architect firm is dedicated to educating clients, and 3D CAD software is a very powerful educational tool that they have at their disposal. Embracing this level of technology has allowed Eli š ka Lewis Architects to remain true to the original seed of the business. They are a small, boutique company that are now able to take on ever larger and more complex projects and challenges. Eli š ka admitted that it is tempting to expand and take on more projects, but she and her team find it rewarding to deliver a more in-depth, boutique experience. Company: Eli š ka Lewis Architects Contact: Eli š ka Lewis Website: