Architecture Awards 2020

98 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20399 Best Luxury Tropical Residential Architecture Firm 2020 vangelina Quesada and Lucca Spendlingwimmer are architects who trained and graduated in Costa Rica. In Nosara in 2006, the duo took a leap and established Salagnac Architects with the intention of providing support for construction projects that develop and contribute to the evolution of contemporary tropical architecture. Since their inception, Salagnac Architects have strongly believed that contemporary tropical architecture promotes the maximum integration of the building and the environment, in order to diminish the impact it causes on nature. What this type of architecture entails is that human comfort can be accomplished by means of efficient energy consumption systems, bioclimatic design strategies and advanced technology. This innovative architecture integrates, in a creative way, the environment, technology and aesthetics. At Salagnac Architects, the dynamic duo, Evangelina and Lucca offer clients a personalised and exclusive service. Each project undertaken by the practice is unique and inimitable, having been carefully developed from architectonic analysis and research. In addition to this, the constant search for alternative construction materials and systems allows Salagnac Architects to develop projects with a high level of design and spatial quality. Costa Rica is a country of amazing natural beauty and known for its peaceful and relaxed lifestyle, been consequent with their life vision and environment, Evangelina and Lucca propose a new way of approaching luxury tropical architecture, by designing projects that promote the experience of nature and high quality of lifestyle. Sensitivity towards nature is one of Salagnac´s qualities, and their architecture is there to let us enjoy it. The smell of the flowers come in to the bedrooms, the hummingbirds flying around are not missed while you take a shower, the sunset, the stars, the rain, the sound of the howler monkeys, the privilege of been surrounded by nature is the most important experience of this projects, and that is why their designs connect to environment in many different ways. Costa Rica is known to be one of the happiest and most sustainable countries on Earth, based on the wellbeing and longevity. Evangelina and Lucca have translated the elements of Costa Rican culture into architecture. The high quality of life is achieved by thought-out spaces, the richness of simplicity and the privilege of knowledge. Costarricans are not impressed of how much you own, instead, are dazzled by the wisdom of simple living. E Salagnac Architects take their clients to the journey of finding this secrets through the life proposed in their designs. The leadership of Costa Rica in terms of sustainability are stamped in Salagnac´s designs, by the use of bioclimatic concepts and nature friendly construction methods. It´s also characteristic the sober use of materials and decoration, the attention to human scale, and the logic of design that lead to efficiency during construction. The use of technology such as solar energy or water efficiency are also important in their designs. Their methods of designs are inspired on the reticular geometry used in historic architects, fromFilippo Brunelleschi to Le Corbusier, Salagnac Architects have searched and applied the use of this type of geometric systems that provide organization, logic and harmony to their projects, no wonder why different architecture schools are now taking their projects as element of study. It is this extraordinary level of service which has seen the firm go from strength to strength, receiving countless positive reviews, a loyal client base and an impeccable portfolio of work over the years. By connecting nature, healthier lifestyle, and architecture theory, Salagnac Architects develop projects with a high-level of design and spatial quality. Looking ahead, the firm has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, which will help them to further establish their reputation as being one of the best luxury tropical residential architecture firms. Despite the uncertainties that the recent pandemic has created, one thing that is certain is that Salagnac Arquitectos will continue to strive to deliver excellence in each and every project that they undertake in the years to come, and the team here at BUILD are excited to see the innovative creations the firm produces. Company: Salagnac Arquitectos Contact: Lucca Spendlingwimmer Web Address: Costa Rica is known for its striking views, volcanoes, beaches and also the rainforests. Not only is it home to all of this, it is also where the award-winning architecture firm, Salagnac Arquitectos operates. Based in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Salagnac Arquitectos is recognised for its developed contemporary tropical style that unifies nature, climate and human comfort. We profiled the firm and the dynamic duo that founded it to discover how they have established a reputation in the country as being on the best luxury tropical residential architecture firms in operation today.