Architecture Awards 2020

97 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20216 Most Promising LED Lighting Products Manufacturer 2020 - Europe The development of LED lights has very much been a lightbulb moment for the industry worldwide, but there are individual firms out in the world that have innovated and gone beyond the call of duty to create products that are truly spectacular. LED Luks is one such firm, so we profile the firm following its success in this years’ iteration of the Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine. ED Luks is a European manufacturer of commercial and architectural LED luminaires, which are then used in some of the most elegant and striking designs across the world. Located on the border between Slovenia and Italy, LED Luks combines the best of both cultures, marrying together Slovenia’s innovative business spirit and diligence with the Italian tradition in industrial manufacturing and design expertise. The synergies of both cultures and working traditional industries support the customer-focused philosophies that LED Luks operates with, as well as the company’s commitment to providing products that are of a truly high quality. Since being established in 2013, LED Luks has always aimed to be the most reliable partner possible for representatives, lighting designers, architects, installers, specifiers, and other creators in lighting industry. Bringing light into a space can take many forms, be it either natural or LED-focused lights, and making use of light in the right way can completely transform a space. The manufactured products that LED Luks creates for its clients help them to achieve great visual comfort and massive energy savings with the design, development, and manufacturing of high-end luminaires. All the way from product engineering and design, to prototyping and actually manufacturing the state of the art LED luminaires that L the firm offers, LED Luks adopts the best of the best components and latest technology to satisfy clients’ needs and guarantee long-lasting quality. The composition of the perfect LED for clients requires far more consideration that one might first think. LED Luks ensures that it carefully selects its LEDs, as well as PCB boards of their own design. Taking these components, the firm works in close collaboration with many testing institutes to ensure that the luminaires it offers feature excellent functionality and a high standard of reliability when it comes to operation and colour consistency. LED Luks has a number of standard product lines, offering LED luminaires for offices, educational facilities, public buildings, restaurants, hospitality venues, and exhibition areas, as well as industrial, sports, and events halls. LED Luks is also renowned for its custom-made solutions, which are developed in close dialogue with clients. As the firm has built on long-term relationships with its partners, the clients benefits also. The firm has established and developed a trustworthy network of distributors around Europe, the Middle East, and Australia which supply the LED Luks’ luminaires in their projects. These include Microsoft offices in Sweden, Winchester University in the United Kingdom, and Facebook offices in France, just to name a few. The lighting industry in general is getting more and more demanding when it comes to customizable solutions, as well as modifications of standard products from the LED Luks portfolio, and request for tailor-made products for specific projects’ needs. Flexibility when dealing with such requests, customer-oriented approach, responsiveness, and competence are where LED Luks’ strengths lie. Besides delivering quality, innovative, and design- driven products, the firm also guarantees a reliable and responsive service to provide a user-friendly experience with the firm. For LED Luks, lighting means well-being and sustainability. It means creating environments where people can feel both comfortable and stimulated, and it means thinking about nature, learning from it, and safeguarding it. Ultimately, the firm is a perfect example of just how exceptional any company can be when the right partnerships, the right components, and the right passion come together in a bid to deliver the best possible luminaires. Company: LED Luks Contact: Matija Klinkon Website: Follow us on instagram @ledluks_lighting_solutions