Architecture Awards 2020

96 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20424 Best Single-Family Home Design Firm 2020 – Japan DS Architects is a Japanese architecture firm that is striving to change the way we live. It is fundamentally a collaboration of architects, urbanists, thinkers, scientists and engineers who are united in an innovative mission for design: to be visionaries of science and art with philosophy. The central ethos of YDS is to realise the compatibility of beauty and the science of ecosystems and unify these two concepts in architectural design to create beautiful spaces that feature nature alongside light and shadow. Driven by their original design visions, “Wavering Architectures”, YDS projects are designed to stimulate the human mind and invoke the connections between nature and humanity. This core vision has remained at the heart of YDS since its inception, using simple geometry and uniform grids as a methodology, combined with their five fundamental principles; Wavering Nature, Organic Voids, Urban Agora, Flowing Promenade and Forests of Symbiosis. From this initial vision, a YDS project is then built while considering every element of the site and design so as to create a space in which architecture and nature, East and West, past and present are able to coexist harmoniously. The ‘YDS S’ encapsulates the company’s missions, visions and attitudes towards customers, the industry and the world; Missions 3S: Special, Sophisticated Beauty, Exciting Visions 3S: Simple, Sharp, Science Attitudes 3S: Honesty, Serious, Serious These attributes are delivered in every customer experience and each architect works closely with clients to establish exactly what they require, producing detailed sketches and models to confirm initial concepts then staying in constant communication throughout the process as the concept evolves into a building. These services are provided at affordable costs and with cost effective solutions in mind for every design; in the cases of residential buildings, YDS look closely into how the idea of cohabitation can be achieved more affordably with connecting public spaces. One of the most exciting projects currently underway at YDS is the “Floating Promenades” project, which is scheduled for completion in March 2021. This residential building is being built in front of a large Tokyo park and includes stairs built with Y cantilevered exposed concrete to create fluidity of the movement of shadows. Despite being a small space, the use of glass, ‘floating’ spaces and the reflection of the exterior nature will allow the building to blend in with nature, creating a spacious, light living experience that is part of the symbiosis between urbanity and ruralness. Major changes within the industry have been brought about by the outbreak of Covid-19. While the firm was initially concerned about the detrimental effects on business activity, YDS has been able to continue developing, considering how the way in which people live is changing. The team of architects have extensive resources of ideas and concepts they are waiting to crystallise into designs that will encapsulate the spirit of modern humanity and its coexistence with the new world in a post-Covid landscape. As the natural world continues to become more valuable within city spaces, YDS are excited about the opportunities being opened up to them for helping to develop the future of cities and architecture. With plans to develop larger scale projects and encourage more overseas commissions, there is no doubt that exciting things lie ahead for this revolutionary architecture firm. Company: YDS Architects Contact: Yoshitaka Uchino Web Address: YDS Architects is an award-winning international architecture firm that is revolutionising design in architecture. With the vision that ‘architects should be visionaries of science and art with philosophy’, YDS strives to unify architecture and nature in their designs. As YDS reaches fifteen years of architectural excellence, we spoke to founder Yoshitaka Uchino to find out more about this innovative firm.