Architecture Awards 2020

100 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20411 Best Architectural Visualisation & 3D Rendering Studio - Australia eeing potential in a project is not always easy. It requires an eye and imagination for what might come in the future. The team at Budde Design have made it their business to make a leap of imagination just that little bit easier. Through the firm’s comprehensive 3D architectural visualisation and 3D architectural rendering services, they make the leaps of imagination just that little bit smaller. Based on the Sunshine Coast QLD, Budde Design serves a clientele that is not exclusive to Australian soil, but draws on an international audience of customers. With over ten years of expertise in the field, the team have been recognised as Australia’s leading rendering studio. Proudly Australian owned and operated, the team offer clients a truly exceptional customer service experience. With fixed quote pricing, there are no hidden costs, no project is too big or too small, and drafts and changes are included from the start. It’s the team’s comprehensive approach to every project that has ensured the business is in such high demand across the architectural sector. Every project is unique, with its own set of demands and requirements. It goes without saying that the team offer a wealth of different services to cater to any and all needs. Budde Design’s capable team is able to deliver 3D architectural visualisation, 3D rendering services, artist impressions, Photo Realistic Imaging, 2D colour floor plans and 3D floor plan marketing images to many businesses such as architectural firms, developers, building companies, real estate agents, website developers and marketing agencies. Even private builders can see the benefit of a 3D impression of their properties, as it allows them to explore options for colour selection in impressive detail. The steps to the construction of your house follows a consistent workflow and can be used whether creating a 3D external artist impression, internal renders, 2D colour floor plans and 3D floor plans. Usually, detailed plans or elevations in pdf format will do, but more complex designs might need a CAD file or .dwg file from the architect or designer. The provision of as much detail in the form of reference images as possible obviously makes the design process easier. The team’s designs are suitable for a number of situations including billboards advertising signboards. The 3D model can then be created, allowing for multiple viewpoints to be easily created that show off the best of a building. Drafts are S sent through to the client throughout the development process to ensure that the building design meets the requirements expected. This includes colour and material selections, with an immense amount of flexibility given on this matter as these might not yet be decided. Finally, the landscape and other aspects of the build are constructed, to see how the building will fit into its surroundings. The team have many assets for trees, plants, grass and backgrounds so can easily meet most requirements needed. While the steps involved might seem complex, the team take everything one step at a time to ensure their clients are satisfied with the results. A lot of work goes on behind the scenes so that clients only see the best possible results. The success of Budde Design comes from the team’s continued tenacity, focusing on what the client wants and ensuring that they deliver every time. It’s why the team are in such demand the world over, and why we are celebrating their achievements in BUILD’s Architecture Awards. Company: Budde Design Name: Nathan Budde Web Address: Good design is only one part of making an architectural dream come true. Being able to visualise a design in 3D is an incredibly valuable service that can help to clarify what is being offered and expected. The team at Budde Design in Australia have made their business in providing this option to architects, bringing all your ambitions to life in stunning 3D. We profile the firm to find out more.