Architecture Awards 2020

84 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20100 Best Full-Service Residential Architecture Firm – Arizona pry Architecture is a talented studio based in Arizona, run solely by its award-winning founder, Eric Spry. According to Eric, the company’s mission is to export modern design, inspire with unique visions, and to design solutions that fit their clients’ lifestyle. None of their projects look alike, and that is because none of their clients are alike. Spry seamlessly weaves the character of their clients into the character of the architecture. Whether you want to build your dream home from scratch, renovate a church, or transform a shipping container into a luxury bedsit, Spry is the varied and widely skilled architect who can make it happen. Foregoing stagnant architectural practices and designs, the studio is hired when a client has a unique vision. If a quirky building design has ever caught your eye in the Phoenix Valley area of Arizona, it’s possible Spry was behind it. Spry has recently wrapped up a construction project in Wickenburg, Arizona. The home in question is built on a long ridge of nearly solid rock, surrounded on all sides by extraordinary views. As resplendent as the location is, it comes with difficulty. Digging into the solid rock would be difficult, costly, and have an impact on the natural landscape. For Spry, he recruited his loyal team of engineers and consultants who helped him find a solution that would help to ease costs, improve the aesthetic and protect the natural landscape. Instead of excavating the solid rock, the entire construction is built above it, with the home hovering 30 inches above the ridge top. The purposefully exposed concrete foundations are elegantly woven into the S modern style of the house. As a result, it provides the home with a modern and bold two-tone appearance that fits beautifully into the Arizona landscape. This kind of unique project perfectly represents the kind of company Spry is and the fabulous works he creates. The innovation behind the designs and the ability to turn obstacles and challenges into striking works of functional art is sensational. As a small firm, each client’s experience with Spry is that much more personal. The design process begins with a conversation. Spry is curious about every individual that they work with, as such Eric takes the time to get to truly know them, their goals and lifestyle. Each client gets to work closely with Eric, who remains present throughout the entire project as he and his support team turn the clients’ dream home into a reality. Spry makes it clear that you are not a client on an assembly line, but that he is there to work with you and bring uniqueness to every step of the way. Spry has an exciting future ahead of it too. By constantly pushing the barriers of today’s architecture, Spry is laying the foundations for tomorrow, finding new and novel solutions to suit the changing lifestyles and expectations of the modern client. As just one example, Spry is developing a modular component system that will allow homes to grow and develop alongside their owners. They are a firm truly deserving of the Best Full-Service Residential Architecture Firm – Arizona award, and we are very excited to see what future projects Spry will turn into a reality. Company: Spry Architecture Contact: Eric Spry Website: When designing your dream home, you want to see your unique flair, character and preferences reflected in the very architecture itself. At Spry Architecture, they make uniqueness their mission. They understand that every client is an individual, and so every finished project should reflect this, in addition to standing out from the crowd. Recently, we took a closer look at the studio to discover more about its inner workings.