Architecture Awards 2020

83 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20128 Best Emerging New Build & Interior Architecture Studio - Rome As industries look to take their first steps into a post COVID-19 world, one young architecture firm is stepping out with confidence. Based in Rome, Linee Minime Studio is taking a holistic approach to architecture and design. The city’s famous heritage and tight architectural restrictions make it a challenge to both respect the past and build for the future, but the studio is rising to the occasion. ounded in 2015 by director Francesco Fumagalli, Linee Minime are looking to make bold strokes in the industry. Their projects range from redesigning interiors for high-end homes, to public landscape projects. The company’s values are built on the constant dialogue between local heritage and modern design. Rome is a city with a strong identity firmly tied to its past, but architecture is about building for the future. It is in this space the Linee Minime thrives. Linee Minime’s holistic approach to architecture distinguishes it from its rivals. The young studio is as passionate about a structural challenge as they are about an interior design project. Due to the rigorous licensing procedures in Rome, other studios have a tendency to focus on interiors. Getting exterior work licensed is simply more difficult and therefore occurs less often. The impact of COVID-19 seems to be changing people’s priorities. There is more consideration around our relationship with being outside, and a renewed focus on shared spaces. After all, following the waves of lockdowns across the globe, our outside spaces have become ever more important to us. This is an area in which Linee Minime are perfectly prepared to expand on, with a strong history of getting through the rigours of the Roman licensing process. The buildings around us tell us our history. When approaching a project, Linee Minime look at the story of the location. Who was there before? What happened here? Why are the current buildings the way that they are? Starting with these answers, they can move onto the design of a project while respecting the heritage that was there before them. They can draw lines, build spaces and source materials without being intrusive. The approach gives them an edge when it comes to outdoor spaces - an edge that’s serving them well. Their current project line-up includes a piazza for food, drink and retail space in Ostia, and the development of an acoustic music park in collaboration with the municipality of Fiumicino. How does a young and emerging architecture studio ensure they are making their mark? By building on the history, and controlling projects from inception, to licensing, to delivery, they can have the impact they want. A recent project, Trestle Veranda, is located in Rome’s historic centre, a traditional neighbourhood. The penthouse overlooks a stunning garden, presenting a unique opportunity to design and build in a contemporary style. Linee Minime introduced clean geometry and new materials without compromising on the historic value of the site. They approached F the design and the construction interchangeably. All designs were made with assembly in mind, giving the craftsmen the ability to perfect both the construction and details. The finished project is stunning. Looking to the future, Linee Minime want to continue improving the capital city and bettering their surroundings through intelligent use of architecture. Just as architecture tells the story of what came before, it also tells the story of what is happening now. As we come out of a COVID-19 rocked world, we can hopefully look forward to more open spaces as our views and priorities change to embrace the outdoors. Linee Minime are well equipped to push this focus and find further innovative ways to work alongside, and advance, Rome’s protected aesthetic. Company: Linee Minime Studio Contact: Francesco Fumagalli Website: