Architecture Awards 2020

82 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20573 Garden Decoration Designers of the Year 2020 – Germany arlooon Germany creates weatherproof lampions that are suitable for outdoor use, creating ambient lighting effects for private, public and commercial spaces. Recognising the popularity of lanterns for small children and adults alike, but that they were wholly unpractical when made from paper, the Barlooon team set about creating a product to fill a gap in the market. Environmentally friendly, durable, cost effective, easy to use and attractive, Barlooons are a game changer in the garden lighting and decorating industry. Designed for durability and to withstand the tough weather climates of northern Germany and European winter months, Barlooons are created using weatherproof materials that are sustainable to produce and protected by a patented community design. With a stainless steel rod that can be easily placed into the ground wherever needed, customers need simply choose where to place the lampion, integrate the new LED solar module and, come rain or shine, the Barlooon is ready to provide atmospheric and varied lighting that adds character to every exterior space. Available in three different sizes and five colours, Barlooons can be used to suit any location, blending harmoniously with the setting whilst remaining aesthetically pleasing whether lit or unlit. Having been used in public spaces and events such as the Hotel Theophano in Quedlinburg and the Federal Horticultural Show (BUGA) of the Havelregion 2015, Barlooon are now focusing on private spaces. With the outbreak of Covid-19 and people spending more time in their gardens during the summer months of 2020, garden lighting and decoration has seen a surge across Europe. Thanks to the combination of functionality and attractive design, Barlooon stands out from its competitors as the choice of lighting that creates atmosphere, without overwhelming a space with garish light. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to candles or fairy lights, adding to the cosy ambience whilst also creating ample illumination. As the company continues to develop and expand its reach across Europe, Barlooon is looking into ways to offer object- specific solutions that consider the size and colour design of their lampions. Sending out samples and utilising the feedback of their customers, Barlooon has been able to develop their product B to suit all their customers. This information will continue to prove vital as the brand and its products evolve. In addition, Barlooon is continuing to establish their presence in the international market, as they grow awareness of their product as the ideal lighting solution for the unpredictable climates of Europe. Having grown this business from what was a relatively simple idea to an international business, it is with great delight that Barlooon accept the Garden Decoration Designers of the Year 2020 award for Germany. As this small but ambitious brand continues to expand, we are excited to see what the future holds for Barlooon Germany. Company: Barlooon Germany GmbH Contact: Hanna Barten Web Address: When it comes to business ideas, often it is not about having a lot of them but recognising which of them are great ones. Barlooon Germany did just that. Recognising the popularity of lanterns, but also their impracticality in the tempestuous climates of North Germany, they created the Barlooon, a weatherproof lampion for outdoor use.