Architecture Awards 2020

76 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20421 Best Boutique Residential Architecture & Design Firm 2020 - Connecticut aul Marchese is an internationally-recognized architect, having worked on some of the world’s most recognizable buildings, including working as the Chief Architect of the World Trade Centre from 1967 to 1994. Over an extensive career, Paul has been an award- winning residential architect from his own personal residency in Greenwich, Connecticut. His long-established firm, Paul Stephan Marchese Architects, is a boutique architecture and interior design firm that specializes in elegant and unique residential homes located in Greenwich, Connecticut, and the immediately surrounding areas. Since being established, the firm has managed to specializes in all historical styles. Careful research, extensive travel and study, and a massive historical library all come together under one roof at Paul Stephan Marchese Architects, and the results are truly spectacular. Each of the aforementioned attributes that Paul Stephan Marchese Architects brings to the table contributes massively to each project, and results in a style that exemplifies old world details and extraordinary craftsmanship. Using a blend of modern electrical and mechanical materials and systems, Paul Stephan Marchese Architects guarantees historical correctness in all of its boutique residential architecture offerings, and also the highest levels of comfort and technology. Equal amounts of attention are given to the interior design as well as the architectural elements of a project build, and the design is always carefully considered to be a reflection of the client’s taste, yet remain true to the style of the project. With hands-on attention at every turn in the process, every single one of the projects undertaken by Paul Stephan Marchese Architects is personally designed by Paul himself, as opposed to him merely supervising other project architects, as is the case in many other architectural firms. Due to this level of personal investment that Paul places on his work, the firm is only able to take on a limited number of projects each year, though that also contributes to the outstandingly beautiful results that are created. Each project benefits from a full service relationship with Paul that is inclusive of feasibility studies, design development, complete working drawings, specifications, assistance with bidding and awarding of contracts, and continual construction oversight until project completion. Outside of his personal firm, Paul and Gzim Gashi have worked closely together on numerous projects since 2007. Gzim is an accomplished and creative architectural designer who brings an P added dimension and European perspective in more modern designs for both exterior and interior. Gashi’s experience in Germany, Brazil, Switzerland, Kosovo, and Albania incorporates a unique European creativity and vision whichmerges seamlessly with Paul’s classical and elegant design style. This combination provided the perfect foundation for a natural partnership to evolve, and saw the beginning of a new architectural firm, Marchese Gashi Architects & Designers. This award-winning firm has recently expanded, opening an office in Sarasota, Florida to provide additional services to their clients in the Florida area. This expansion will allow the Firm to continue to offer hands-on attention at every level of the architectural and construction processes. Both professionals - experienced in a variety of styles including old world and modern - bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to their work, which helps to ensure that each project is dedicated to the style and quality promised by the firm and delivered to the client. All projects and homes are personally designed by Paul and Gzim, something rarely found in most architectural/design firms. Ultimately, Paul offers an exceptional service to his clients that blends together their preferences with an unmistakable sense of authenticity and style that creates unique and personal homes. Having refined his experience over generations, this latest success is yet another feather in Paul’s already well-decorated cap, and the excellence of his services cannot be overstated. Company: Paul Stephan Marchese Architects Contact: Paul Marchese Website: Boutique residential architecture and design is something that is almost universally appreciated, but an art that is hard to master. However, one of those masterful architects is Paul Marchese. Today we profile the work of Mr Marchese and his firm, Paul Stephan Marchese Architects, following its success in this years’ iteration of the Architecture Awards from BUILD Magazine.