Architecture Awards 2020

57 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20108 Best Family-Run Architecture Practice - West Midlands & Best Completed Sensitive Residential Project (West Midlands): New Modern House Design, Telford Based in Telford, Shropshire, and delivering a friendly, economical, and professional service to a wide range of clients, ASG Architects is a family-run practice of the highest quality within the architecture world. With more than three decades of experience, ASG Architects is more than capable of assisting clients with any type of project, whether large or small. To find out more about the firm, we profile it following its win in the Architecture Awards 2020 from BUILD Magazine. s a registered RIBAChartered Architects Practice, and Chartered Architectural Technologists business, ASG Architects has all the credentials, knowledge, and expertise to be one of the finest family-run architecture practices in the West Midlands. Every project is led and overseen by Director of the firm, Mr Andrew Lane. Andrew himself boasts a wealth of accreditations within the industry, including being a RIBA Chartered Architect and MCIAT Chartered Architectural Technologist. With regards to his own expertise in the industry of architecture and residential design, Andrew has more than three decades of experience delivering a wide variety of projects on multi-million pound retail parks, offices and industrial projects, including work for schools, housing, care homes, building renovation, and conservation. Whether a client needs help with the initial planning application, or details around building regulations, ASG Architects can offer it all at such a high standard. In terms of planning applications, the firm can help with many different types of applications, including those for listed buildings, retrospective applications, conservation area consent forms, and many more. Building regulations is another area in which ASG Architects specialises, and it can provide clients building regulation drawings, specifications, construction details, site inspections, and a wealth of others that can ensure a smooth process during any application process. Building homes for the residents of Telford and beyond is no easy feat for an independent firm, but it is a challenge that Andrew and his team relish with every new day. ASG Architects have produced plans and delivered on plans for new properties all over Telford in the last couple of decades, and have subsequently been recognised for the excellence with which those plans have been executed. Inclusive of planning and approval services, the design services that ASG Architects offer are nothing short of exceptional. Extremely professional at every turn, Andrew and his team always act in the very best interests of the client to ensure that they have a home they want to live in and look forward to coming back to at the end of every day. Andrew prides himself on his ability to always work closely with a client, bringing them in on key decisions that need to be made in order to ensure that they are totally happy and crystal clear on the final result. It is because of Andrew’s commitment to working so A closely with the clients that many of them report being overwhelmed at how much they love their new space, often likening it to a dream home. Spaces created by ASG Architects are reflective of the client, as well as their needs and wishes, and they become an extension of the client themselves. Through the use of colour, shape, form, and style, ASG Architects creates architectural masterpieces that are exactly what the client has requested. Ultimately, ASG Architects is an architecture firm of the highest quality, building its success on the foundation that is Andrew’s thirty years of experience. Focusing on always delivering the best possible results for its clients, the firm is fully deserving of all the success it has achieved, and will no doubt go on to achieve. Company: ASG Architects Ltd Contact: Andrew Lane Website: