Architecture Awards 2020

58 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20563 Best Contemporary Commercial Refurbishments Practice – Anglia & Best Completed Charity Architecture Project (England): The Matthew Project - Next Steps Recovery Hub s one of the region’s most prominent up and coming contemporary design studios, CannonClarke Architects have established themselves as leaders of the industry, offering bespoke design services to both residential and commercial clients. Established in 2015, Cannon Clarke has since become a RIBA Chartered Practice following the appointment of Director Jon Brent, who brough with him 22 years of professional experience as a registered architect working on a diverse range of award- winning projects. His expertise and knowledge of the market has proved invaluable in the expansion and development of Cannon Clarke. With a growing reputation for delivering outstanding architecture that is not only beautiful but functional, Cannon Clarke has established a loyal base of clients who truly value architecture. Offering bespoke building projects for private clients, private security companies, residential developers, education, health and community projects including charity commissions, Cannon Clarke places the needs of every client at the fore of every project. As a relatively small practice, the firm has been able to streamline its processes, enabling considerable investment in talent that will only increase the prestige of Cannon Clarke. The Cannon Clarke philosophy is that design should not be unnecessarily complicated. By investing in the early stages of the design process, spaces are properly coordinated to make the best of lighting conditions, views, noise and movement. However, this is not to suggest that their designs are by any means simplistic; instead they push the boundaries of design, employing creative and intelligent thinking into every project. Their principal intention is to improve the lives of customers and the general public, as well as make a positive impact on the environment. They have accomplished this goal in the project for which they are receiving accolade at the Architecture Awards 2020: The Matthew Project – Next Steps Recovery Hub. Situated on the outskirts of Norwich, the client’s brief was to create a safe, community space for the later stages of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This presented an exciting opportunity to make a A positive social impact, at the same time as tackling a challenging site, that had previously been a calorie testing lab. With minimal space and a very industrial feel, the client’s request for a homely commercial feel seemed initially complex. However, the Cannon Clarke team presented a theatrical solution that consisted of blanking out the existing structure including beams and roof panels, therefore creating a feature of the installed services but carefully accentuating them with delicate lighting. Making use of every possible space, the team also installed a mezzanine to create additional multi-use spaces, to facilitate even more activities and gatherings. The result was unique in its modern yet cosy aesthetic, that combined industrial features with homely character in a multi-use site that has proven a valuable asset within the community. There are many more exciting projects ahead for Cannon Clarke, and they are in the early stages of several multi-million-pound developments they hope to see come to fruition. However, the effects of Covid-19 on the architecture industry are hard to ignore and have created uncertainty for many within the sector. However, Cannon Clarke’s regional market remains active, and thanks to their unrivalled reputation and loyal client base, the firm remains confident about the future. With a portfolio that exhibits even more projects that are just as impressive as the Matthew Project, we are certain we can continue to expect big things from Cannon Clarke Architects. Company: Cannon Clarke Architects Contact: Andrew Clarke Web Address: As Cannon Clarke Architects nears its 5th anniversary, the contemporary design studio is celebrating the addition of another feather to its cap, in the form of its award-winning project, The Matthew Project – Next Steps Recovery Centre. A former calorie testing lab, the site has been reinvented into a modern commercial space that has achieved a homely feel and is a stunning testament to Cannon Clarke’s technical and creative abilities.