Architecture Awards 2020

56 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20544 Best Renovations Residential Design Studio - Southeast USA & Most Transformative Completed Domestic Project (Southeast USA): French Country Estate ith a comprehensive repertoire of design services that includes new constructions, renovations and additions, Sheedy Watts Design offers thirty years of experience in small and large projects. Focusing on architectural and interior design, the three-person team based in Charlotte, North Carolina is a full-service studio that repeatedly demonstrates its ability to work within historic guidelines to create constructions that are well versed in contemporary and Green design. Since their inception as RLS Design in 2004, and later as Sheedy Watts Design, the company has always chosen quality over quantity, exerting rigorous effort and creativity to each and every design. The company’s philosophy has been broken down into six fundamental principles that guarantee exceptional results and customer service; 1. Embrace the client’s ideas by listening well and exceeding the design expectations with the budget. 2. Create inspiring and healthy living environments that bring joy to the occupants. 3. Simplify every process, concept, and detail down to its essence so clarity is apparent. 4. Increase value to the project and our client’s financial investments. 5. Strive to create architecturally significant structures that contribute to their surroundings. 6. Design and build well - life is too short, after all! While the client’s vision is central to each project, the Sheedy Watts approach only begins with answering the client’s wish list. Considering the needs of the customer, the team of designers also examine the existing conditions of a site, asking how the home can deliver optimum results way into the future and how it can contribute to the wider context of the street, neighborhood and city. One of the company’s core principles is looking at how their sculptural designs can become architecturally significant structures that define their locality. When considering interior spaces, the focus of the design team is to create a natural flow throughout the house, creating layouts that consider the function of each room and that are tailored to the needs and lifestyles of the homeowners. Expertly using spatial elements such as differing proportions, varying ceiling heights, natural lighting and simple detailing and incorporating their W knowledge of cultural trends and styles, the Sheedy Watts team are able to create spaces that are both comfortable and inspiring. In a current renovation project, Sheedy Watts understanding of spatial elements is proving vital as they attempt to structurally span a new 32’ by 42’ room while contending with the intersection of four different rooflines with three different roofing materials. The solution presented itself in a hybrid roof system that had to work to very tight tolerances but was an effective and creative method of aligning all the elements of the room. The design also incorporated a twenty-foot sliding glass wall system and clerestory windows that flooded the twelve-foot high space with natural light. This is an example of the innovative ways in which Sheedy Watts conscientiously designs homes that feature the most efficient, simplistic and aesthetic way to resolve any challenges a building may present. As the project nears completion, the team is excited to see how a stock utilitarian plan has transformed into a series of inspiring spaces. Already having an extensive portfolio of remarkable homes in their armoury, there is a sense that the best is yet to come for Sheedy Watts. As they begin designs for three contemporary homes that are adjacent to each other in narrow and deep lots for a developer, inspiration is already beginning to shine through. Although the designs will be related, the plan is for the three houses to each have their own, distinct appearance. It is this creative thinking that will no doubt see Sheedy Watts Design carve out a niche in the renovation market for the years to come. Company: Sheedy Watts Design LLC Contact: Ray Sheedy Web Address: Situated in the rapidly expanding city of Charlotte, North Carolina, Sheedy Watts Design has been well situated to witness the boom in the US of the residential construction industry of the last few years. Offering thirty years of experience, this three-person architectural practice is working with clients all across the city to realize the full potential of their dream homes. Following their latest success at the BUILD Architecture Awards 2020, we caught up with Co-founder Ray Sheedy to find out more.